The All-Ohio State Fair Band was founded in 1925 and has continued  to entertain
fairgoers while providing educational and enriching experiences to all participants year
after year.

Things have changed over the years.  Originally the organization featured only talented
male musicians and now welcomes both males and females. Tents used to make-up
the living quarters, and later the National Guard garages. Now the Rhodes Center is
home to the AOSFB and staff. In the early days Band members brought their own eating
utensils plates and cups for meals - luckily that has changed.

Many things have not changed.  
The Stars and Stripes Forever - the National March of
The United States - concludes each concert. Each day begins with Reveille and daily
inspection.  Band members are highly talented musicians and outstanding citizens
who have been recommended by their Band director.  

The All-Ohio Boys' State Fair Band made its first appearance in 1925.  Founder and first
Director, Jack Wainwright of Fostoria led the impressive group.  The Band, the only one
of its type among state fairs, thrilled the crowds as it performed throughout the grounds.

Click here for an essay from Band Historian Weldon Carpenter that was written in the
summer of 2010.
AOSFB History
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