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Omar Blackman   &  John Zipay
NEWS 2015
aosfb.com . . . a little housecleaning is under way!
June 8, 2014

This weekend we have overcome some technical challenges and did for some cleaning-up around
aosfb.com.  Time to get ready as we head toward July 19.

As you get ready for the Fair why not join us on Twitter @aosfb or sign up for the eNews that wil become a
regular visitor in your inbox over the next few weeks.  There is now an @aosfb account on Instagram as well!

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Stop back everyday for up to date info and inside details about the 2014 Ohio State Fair.

                                                                                                    . . . . . . 41 days
until the first notes of rehearsal
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Get Ready for AOSFB 2014 with AOSFB Wear
June 1, 2014

It's time to expand your wardrobe with AOSFB Gear by AOSFB partner  - The Identity Group.  So, Mom & Dad,
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As usual, the folks at
The Identity Group will embroider your purchase with instrument or year to make it a great
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Alums often get their years of membership added and new moms and dads have been getting AOSFB Mom or
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In Memoriam: Ed Siennicki
May 4, 2014

It is with much sadness that the news of Ed Siennicki's passing is shared.  The much beloved music educator,
composer and former AOSFB Assistant Dircetor passed away on May 3, 2014.  He touched many over the
years as a teacher in the Cleveland Schools and during his time in Columbus with The Band.  We can't thank
him enough for sharing his pieces such as
Flowers for Teresa, Flight Over Niagar, and the beloved Bile Them
Cabbage Down.  
A note to current Band members - this is where the "Cabbage" comes form when we play Big
Band Polka!  
You may visit his obituary here.

June 9, 2014

The Rhodes Center has seen some great changes this year...including new sinks throughout the entire
building and restroom stalls being installed in the men's restrooms.   Thanks the State Fair staff and Fair
Commission to making the funds available for these upgrades.
                                                                                                             . . . . . . 40days  until the first notes of rehearsal
Almost Ready To Go
July 6, 2014

The Rhodes Center was filled with activity on Saturday the 5th of July.  It was exciting to see 29 people there -
members of the Alumni Association Executive Comittee, alums, band members, parents and staff members -
working together to get the dorms, office and equipment ready for the upcoming Fair.  All three floors of the
dorms were swept and mopped, all percussion and sound equipment cleaned, music stands and podium
steps spray painted, all bolts tightened on the chairs, bunks moved and tagged, and the office door painted
blue (just like it had been for years)....and more.

Many thanks to the cleaners who traveled made the trip to Columbus and dedicated 4 hours each to the goal of
helping the band and staff start off the year right.

                                                                                                      . . . . . . 13 days until the first notes of rehearsal
Due to a web site platform change most items from 2014 were not carried to the updated site.  
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