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NEWS 2012
aosfb.com . . . a little housecleaning is under way!
May 25, 2012

The  last weekend in May brings about a time for some cleaning-up around aosfb.com.  A few things will be
rearranged and other freshened up a bit as we head toward AOSFB 2012.

As you get ready for the Fair why not join us on Twitter @aosfb or sign up for the eNews that wil become a
regular visitor in your inbox over the next few months?

Stop back everyday for up to date info and inside details about the 2012 Ohio State Fair.

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55 days until the first notes of rehearsal
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AOSFB eNotes . . . sign-up now!
May 26, 2011

This summer we celebrate the first anniversary of  AOSFB eNotes a collaborative email based newsletter from
the AOSFB and AOSFB Alumni Association.  The publication comes through Yahoo Groups and offers a quick
and easy way for the organizations to stay in touch with current members, parents, the community and, of
course, AOSFB Alumni.

Everyone is invited to join.
Click here to be taken to the subscribe page and follow the directions.  You may also
send an email by
clicking here and typing the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

                                                                                                                  . . . . . . 54 days until the first notes of rehearsal
New AOSFB Gear online
June 15, 2012

It's time to expand your wardrobe with AOSFB Gear by AOSFB partner  - The Identity Group.  So, Mom & Dad,
current band members and, of course, AOSFB Alums check out the link below to see what's in the store . . .
gray and red polos & t-shirts, bags, fleece sweatshirts and more!

As usual, the folks at
The Identity Group will embroider your purchase with instrument or year to make it a great
souvenir to wear during and after the State Fair.

Alums often get their years of membership added and new moms and dads have been getting AOSFB Mom or
AOSFB Dad on their shirts.

Click on logo below to check it all out.
Cleaning Day....Help Needed
June 30, 2012

It's time to do some spring cleaning in July for the 2012 AOSFB.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated
on Saturday, July 14 from 10am - 2:30pm.  Join the staff and fellow alums in helping to prepare the dorms and
give them "something extra" to welcome this year's Band.

Send an email to
aosfb@aosfb.com to confirm that you will be there.  Let us know your name and how many
will be joining us that day.

THANKS for helping out!

                                                                                                                  . . . . . . 21 days until the first notes of rehearsal
FInal Instructions Have Been Mailed to the 2012 AOSFB
July 1, 2012

Members of the 2012 AOSFB should watch their mailboxes for the final instructions.  You will find a letter from
Director, Donald F. Santa-Emma as well as one from Camp Manager, Ed Gallagher.  Further information
includes parking directions for check-in, packing info, contact info for mail and more.

Many will also be thrilled to see that the Band wil now be wearing ankle length socks this year. . . gone is the
calf length!

Rookie percussion and flute/piccolo players also recievd some music and a CD.

Click here to see everything that was mailed in the Final Instructions.

Send an email to
aosfb@aosfb.com to confirm that you will be there.  Let us know your name and how many will

                                                                                                                  . . . . . . 20 days until the first notes of rehearsal
Schedules are Posted
July 4, 2012

July 4th....a day to celebrate our country, watch a parade and listen to The Stars and Stripes Forever!

Click on the schedules link above to see the Band's daily schedules.  Of course, something could change
along the way, but this is the framework for the 2012 Ohio State Fair.

Meanwhile, the Ohio State Fair has posted the schedules for each day of the Fair as well.  
Click here.

                                                                                                                  . . . . . . 17 days until the first notes of rehearsal
AOSFB Members arrive at Rhodes Center
July 21, 2012

Nearly 200 students and their families arrived this morning to the Rhodes Center to check-in for the 2012
All-Ohio State Fair Band.  The morning routine of receiving bunk assignments, new uniforms, and setting up
camp in the barracks went smoothly until lunch in the Rhodes Center Cafeteria.

The first note was played at 1pm under the baton of Director, Donald F. Santa-Emma, with proud families
looking on.  After a few tunes, it was time for the nerves to set in during the long process of individual auditions
with the Assistant Directors.  After dinner, the Band was in place.  And as Mr. Santa-Emma explained, every
seat is important in this Band - there are other students at home who did not have the opportunity to be in the
Band this year because of the high number of applications.

The students endured a long evening of rehearsal and did a wonderful job with their first run through some of
the nearly sixty titles of music in their folders.  Chops tired and all exhausted, taps could not come soon
enough for some.  Looking forward to another day of preparations tomorrow!
Rehearsal Day 2
July 22, 2012

Today the Band will have another full day of rehearsals, including sectionals with Mr. Santa-Emma and their
sections' Assitant Director.  This year, the staff includes:
      Rebecca Bickel - Woodwinds (except Clarinets)
      William Ciabattari - Low Brass
      Frank Cosenza - Upper Brass
      Brian Dodd - Percussion
      Norman Maneri - Clarinets

Squad leaders will also have their first session outdoors to prepare for tomorrow's marching rehearsal with
the full Band.

Tonight there will be a uniform exchange and lyre sale. Marching lyres, flipfolios and flipfolio pages for
marching music will be available for purchase in a special lyre sale to get the members ready for tomorrow's
marching rehearsals. In addition, those members who may need a different size for their uniform will be able
to exchange with others for a different size.  After tomorrow, any extra new uniform parts will be available for
purchase at the AOSFB General Store during listed hours.

Check this News Page daily for other updates about the Band's experience during this year's Rehearsal Week
and Fair!
Rehearsal Day 3
July 23, 2012

This morning the bands were split into their two traditional units - Red Band and Black Band.  First, Black Band
rehearsed inside the auditorium while Red Band learned their marching skills and did a bally-hoo around the
fairgrounds.  Then, the bands did a switch before lunch.  The two unit bands will perform at different locations
around the fairgrounds throughout the day.  Be sure to ask your student which band they are in so during your
visit you can follow their schedule!

The Band's equipment managers, Michael Taras and Stephanie Hyde, finished putting together the red, white
and blue All-Ohio State Fair Band Float that will be featured in the daily parade.   Each day nearly a dozen
students will represent the Band and take a break from marching as they ride the float waving flags to Stars
and Stripes Forever!

This year, the All-Ohio State Fair Band is also entering three displays in the DiSalle Arts and Crafts Building
and Cox Fine Arts:
       *First, the Band is decorating a "throne" for display in the DiSalle Building for Arts and Crafts.  The white  
         toilet went from white to bright as band members added their thumbprint and decorated them as
music               notes all over.  The rest of the members will complete their notes tomorrow morning before the
toilet is                 clear-coated and delivered to Arts and Crafts.
       *Next, the Band is helping to celebrate the State Fair Mascot, Cowman, and his 10th Birthday by making
         a straw bale birthday cake that will be on display outside the Cox Fine Arts Center.
       *Finally, the Band will be represented in a Brillo Pad photograph contest.

Always fun at the Fair!
Rehearsal Day 4 - Band Visits Statehouse
July 24, 2012

Thanks to support from Walmart, the Ohio Statehouse Museum Education Center, and the wonderful folks at
Capitol Square, the Band was treated to a field trip to the Ohio Statehouse today - the home of the Ohio
General Assembly and the Governor of Ohio.  After a morning rehearsal, the Band members took four buses
over to downtown Columbus to tour the Capitol.  Each group was led on a tour by docents who also explained
some of Ohio's legislative history and the significance of the architecture throughout the building.  
Unfortunately, due to the rainy weather all morning, the concert on the Statehouse steps had to be cancelled
following the tour, and the students returned to the Rhodes Center for lunch.

Another signifcant moment for the Band was during last night's rehearsal. Incoming Director Jon Waters of
The Ohio State University Marching Band took the podium to address the Band and guest conduct the song
Military Escort.  Director Waters told the Band how important music will be throughout their life, and that they
should continue participating in the experience in any way they can - even if they attend another great Ohio
college or university other than Ohio State!  He also invited them to contact him if they are ever interested in
joining the OSUMB for a visit to see what they are all about!  The Band then played Military Escort - a tune that
was one of the most popular marches before John Phillip Sousa's The Stars and Stripes Forever was
designated as the national march.  Thank you to Dr. Waters for taking time from his busy schedule to join us!

As the weather seems to be clearing out this afternoon, the Band's large group photo is planned to take place
tonight around 7pm near the Cardinal Gate.

With rehearsal "week" coming to a close, the students can look forward to Opening Day of the Fair tomorrow.  
Once the fair is open, the students will find some relief with some more free time in between performances.  
They have done a remarkable job during rehearsals, and the group is truly coming together as a Band who will
delight fairgoers throughout the duration of the 159th Ohio State Fair!
July 27, 2012

Today the Band members received a generous donation of small battery powered fans from the Identity Group
- the folks who provide the Band's uniforms and other Alumni gear.  Of course the fans do have the phrase
"Fans of AOSFB" since the Identity Group is a proud supporter of the Band!

The Band also had a couple special guest conductors today.  Dr. Paul Droste from the Music Department at
The Ohio State University, and Mr. Bill Neater, Director of Bands at Notre Dame College.  Later, Director Neater
also addressed the Band and met with them after the last concert to provide information about the Band
scholarships and programs available at Notre Dame College - even how they can participate in some of the
programs as high school students.
Opening Ceremony
July 25, 2012

Opening ceremonies took place at the Ohio Gate on 11th Ave., beginning with performances by the All-Ohio
State Fair Band and All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir.  General Manager, Virgil Strickler, and Governor John
Kasich both addressed the crowd to let them know all the fair has to offer this year.  Governor Kasich also
addressed the band following the ceremony.

The Band entertained fairgoers through several bally-hoos throughout the grounds, stopping at different
locations including the DiSalle Building, Bricker Building Marketplace, and Central Park.  After the Band's first
daily parade, they marched over to Central Park to play a Happy Birthday tune for the Fair's mascot - Cowman.  
This year facebook fans gave Cowman a new name for his 10th Birthday - Butters.

The evening marked the first time the Band played a few more bally-hoo performances, ending together for a
couple final tunes as well.  The members were then excited to have some free time to explore some of the fair
on opening night.
Thursday - Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame
July 26, 2012

This morning, a select group of Band members - the Gold Band - played for the Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame
luncheon.  Several past and current Band staff are members of the Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame since its
induction in 1976, including Director Donald F. Santa-Emma, Camp Manager Ed Gallagher, Assistant Camp
Manager James "Tank" Esswein, Historian Weldon Carpenter, past staff and directors Dr. Joyce L. Wendel,
Omar P. Blackman, Jack O. Evans, Louis E. Pete, George Wilson, and David Meeker.

The Hall of Fame also has a Scholarship Endowment that awards one band and choir member and two junior
fair board membersa $500 scholarship, a and soon a Junior non-livestock scholarship.  Congratulations to
this year's Band member recipient,
Jacob Watson, trombone player from Heath County!

Due to the extreme heat and forecasted severe thunderstorms and high winds, the daily parade was
cancelled, and the evening concert was changed to an indoor rehearsal in the West Auditorium.  But with the
rain subsiding, the Band still made it over to the Coliseum for a marching rehearsal in the evening.

The Band also received ice cream bars during the fireworks display for such a great past couple of days,
thanks to the generous donation from a friend and supporter of the Band and Fr. Mike Lumpe from the Office of
the Chancellor of the Columbus Diocese who did Catholic mass on Sunday.
Sunday - Celeste Center Concert and Park of Roses
July 29, 2012

This morning the Band had a long dress rehearsal in preparation for the 15th Annual All-Ohio State Fair Band
and All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir concert at the Celeste Center.  The afternoon concert was a great success,
with nearly 1500 fairgoers in attendance.  The Band also made their recording during this concert for their
2012 CD.  Be sure your band member orders their copy during Store hours tomorrow if they haven't already!  
Only limited copies will remain for sale after the pre-orders are fulfilled.

After the showcased afternoon concert on the main stage in the Celeste Center, the Band marched in the daily
parade and then boarded busses after dinner for a trip to the Whetstone Park of Roses in Columbus.  Thank
you Glen Williams and the Civitan Club of North Columbus for inviting the Band to once again be part of their
Summer Concert Series in the Park, and providing transportation from the fairgrounds.  And thank you to the
Ohio Expositions Commission and Ohio State Fair for permitting the Band to leave the fairgrounds to entertain
more than 500 visitors in Columbus this evening!  It is always a highlight of the camp!
Saturday - Alumni Day
July 28, 2012

Thanks to all Band Alumni who joined us today for the annual Alumni Day.  Nearly 40 members of the Alumni
Band, under the direction of James "Tank" Esswein, sounded great as they entertained fairgoers and marched
around the grounds for an early afternoon bally-hoo, as a unit in the daily parade, and then as part of the
evening concert.

Thank you also to the following alumni:
**Band Historian, Weldon Carpenter, for the morning display of photos and memorabilia.
**Melissa Spangler and Jennifer Radwan McDowell for helping with morning registration.
**Rob Gardner for donating toothbrushes and toothpaste to the current Band members and co-sponsoring an
upcoming pizza party.
**Jonathan Radwan and his colleagues on the Band Staff of Notre Dame College for co-sponsoring the
upcoming pizza party.
**Scott Sazpanski and Dana Motter for their assitance with the Alumni Association.

Congratulations also to Scott Sazpanski and his girlfriend, Heidi, who got engaged with a special proposal
during  the evening Alumni concert.  Best wishes to the happy couple!
Tuesday - Happy Birthday George Schmidt!
July 31, 2012

A tradition for the past 83 years, the All-Ohio State Fair Band has visited Schmidt's Sausage Haus on the
fairgrounds to play Happy Birthday to George Schmidt.  This morning was no different as the Band bally-hoo'd
through the grounds and met at Schmidt's to continue the annual performance.  George looks great, and was
happy to celebrate his 91st birthday by conducting the Band in The Stars and Stripes Forever! The members
then received their traditional lunch of hot dogs and beverages provided by Schmidt's.

The Band also performed in it's second Coliseum Show this evening.  It was a great show, as the percussion
section was featured in the tune, Wipe Out!
Monday - Happy Birthday Dr. Louder!
July 30, 2012

Today is Dr. Earle Louder's 80th Birthday!  The Band celebrated with Dr. Louder at the evening concert in the
Youth Discovery Center with a surprise happy birthday tune and cake presentation!  Later in the evening, the
Band was treated to pizza, beverages, and birthday cake for all!  It was a wonderful celebration.

Thank you to sponsors of the pizza party:  Band Alumnus
Dr. Rob Gardner and the Band at Notre Dame
under the direction of Bill Neater (and AOSFB alumnus and Notre Dame College Percussion
Instructor, Jonathan Radwan).  And thank you to the All-Ohio State Fair Band for purchasing birthday cake for all
to celebrate Dr. Louder!
Wednesday -
August 1, 2012

The Band had a nice bally-hoo this morning with several stops including a serenade to the fine folks at Cox
Concessions who run the cafeteria for the band and choir, the Cardinal Gate, the Sensodyne booth (along with
a brief dental hygiene presentation - the students will all be receiving Sensodyne bags and toothpaste as
well!), and Central Park.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day for the students beginning with an omelet breakfast presented by the Ohio
Poultry Association!  Tomorrow is also AOSFB's Ohio College Information Day!  Many of the Ohio School Music
Departments provided information to distribute to the students about the different opportunities available as
they continue their education at the college level.  Encourage your student to stop by after the evening concert
and pick up some information to bring home for their college searches!  And thank you to the AOSFB Alumni
Association for helping coordinate Ohio College Information Day!
Thursday - Omelet Day
August 2, 2012

Thank you to the Ohio Poultry Association for sponsoring the annual Omelet Day for the band and choir
members!  The students enjoyed made-to-order omelets with guest chefs including band staff - Director Don
Santa-Emma, Camp Manager Ed Gallagher, Assistant Directors Brian Dodd and Frank Consenza, Equipment
Manager Mike Taras, and Counselor Jennifer McDowell.  Other chefs cooking for the students included the
All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir staff, Ohio Poultry Association representatives, and fair commissioners.  

Tonight's coliseum show was just before the Governor's Cup, and featured a joint performance with a selected
ensemble of AOSFYC members for the Star Spangled Banner. What a great crowd!

After the evening concert on the Rhodes Lawn, the AOSFB Alumni Association presented "Ohio College
Information Day" and passed out music department information from a selection of Ohio colleges and
universities.  Special thanks to the participating Ohio institutions:
     - Baldwin Wallace University                     - Miami University
     - Bowling Green State University              - Muskingum University
     - Capital University                                      - Notre Dame College
     - Central State                                              - Oberlin College
     - Cleveland State University                       - The Ohio State University
     - Denison                                                      - University of Cincinnati
     - Kent State University                                - Wright State University
In addition, the band was treated to a brief presentation by Catherine Hope-Cunningham, Admissions
Coordinator for the Department of Music at The Ohio State University.  Students were able to talk with Ms.
Hope-Cunningham and learn more about opportunities at OSU, as well as sign up to receive more information
about possible programs to consider.
August 3, 2012

What a treat this morning!  The Band headed down the midway to pose for some photo opportunities in front of
the giant ferris wheel.  Then, members actually boarded the ferris wheel and played Stars and Stripes Forever
while riding the ride!  It was such a unique experience for the Band members, and something that has not
been done since around the 1950s when the All-Ohio Boys' Band rode the double ferris wheel while playing.  
The event was even recorded by the State Fair Marketing Department!  Thanks to all the workers at the ferris
wheel for opening early to help the Band and make an enjoyable experience for all involved.

The Band is performing their final concert on the Rhodes Lawn this evening.  After the concert, there will be an
awards ceremony which will include awards for the three, four, and five year veterans.  All the members will
also receive bags from the wonderful folks at Sensodyne with toothpaste samples and toothbrushes.  (The
Band performed for the Sensodyne booth a few days ago and learned some valuable hygiene information!)