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NEWS 2010
The New www.aosfb.com
April 6, 2010

The new home for the AOSFB and AOSFB Alumni Association is slowly being unveiled this spring.  Bookmark
our new address - www.aosfb.com!

This is the place for Alumni to visit to see phtos from the past years and to relive some memories . . . and it is
the place for the current band to get up to date information about 2010.  New items will be added in the coming
days and weeks as the news site is brought on-line.
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AOSFB eNotes . . . sign-up now!
April 18, 2010

As promised, the AOSFB and AOSFB Alumni Association have once again teamed-up and present  AOSFB
.  This new email based newsletter comes through Yahoo Groups and offers a quick and easy way for
the organizations to stay in touch with current members, parents, the community and, of course, AOSFB Alumni.

Everyone is invited to join.
Click here to be taken to the subscribe page and follow the directions.  You may also
send an email by
clicking here and typing the word "subscribe" in the subject line.
New AOSFB Gear . . . now on-line
July 4, 2010

It's time to expand your wardrobe with AOSFB Gear by AOSFB partner  - The Identity Group. So, Mom & Dad,
current band members and, of course, AOSFB Alums check out the link below to see what is new this summer
. . . . gray and red polos & t-shirts, bags, fleece sweatshirts and more!

As usual, the folks at
The Identity Group will embroider your purchase with instrument or year to make it a great
souvenir to wear during and after the State Fair.  Click on logo below to check it all out.
Almost Ready
July 17, 2010

Today begins the first of daily updates here at aosfb.com.  Stop back for news, info and other more from The
2010 Ohio State Fair.

s the sun rises over the Fairgrounds a number of staff members, alums, parents and current Band members
are headed to Columbus to prep the dorms for AOSFB 2010.  We'll be joined in the Rhodes Center by our
colleagues with the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir and we'll be spending lunchtime with them as well.

The bunks have been assigned, health certificates reviewed, and the march folder has been assembled.

One week until the sound of
Beautiful Ohio and The Stars and Stripes Forever fill the air at The Ohio State Fair.
All We Need is 200 Band Members
July 18, 2010

Saturday the 17th was a busy day in The Rhodes Center!

Jim "Tank" Esswein was the first to arrive in the early morning hours as he continued to assemble music.  With
numerous pieces spread out, in score order, he continued to get the folders set go.

By 10:30 staff members Ed, Lisa & Megan Gallagher as well as Jennifer and Ashley Mae McDowell had
arrived.  Joining them were alums Josh Lanning and Kristin Engle with her friend Colin who gets extra points
for his assistance as he never played in the Band.  Rounding out the crew were new Band members Betty
Murphy along with Sara Smith and her mom Nancy Alt.

What could this crew accomplish?  Plenty...all 200+ mattresses cleaned, dorms swept, windowsills wiped,
hallways and stairwells swept, bunks moved and tagged, the Band office set to go, flags hung, and more.   
There was even time to share more than a few Band memories and to share some hints with new folks as well.

The volunteers - who in all gave approximately 65 hours of service left with some State Fair Band shirts that had
been donated by The Identity Group and with several Columbus Crew trinkets and Rock on the Range bags
from Jim Esswein.

In a little over 4 hours the Rhodes Center was ready to go . . . .all we need is 200 Band members.

5 days until the Band arrives and 9 until the opening of the 157th Ohio State Fair....
It's Fairtastic!
Planning Ahead Saves $$
July 19, 2010

The State Fair is an affordable family value...but it is even better when planning ahead!

The official web site of The State Fair has a great page that highlights special days and discounts.  
Click here
to be taken to that page.

In addition, you can save up to $4 on gate admission when purchasing your tickets at Kroger, AAA outlets and
Ticketmaster locations.  This offer is valid through August 8.

You may also get a $3 discount on rides when purchasing a voucher, that is redeemed any day at the Fair for a
wristband, at Ticketmaster outlets.

State Fair ticket information may be
viewed here.
Almost Time for the First Notes of AOSFB 2010
July 20 & 21, 2010

News from Tuesday and Wednesday will be a bit brief.  These days are busy ones for the staff and Band
members as all are preparing for two weeks away.

For the Band members it is hoped that each individual, along with family members, have taken the time to visit
the Parent/Member web site and have also read the final instructions.  This is the best way to be sure you are
prepared for the next two weeks.

For the staff many are wrapping up personal items at home and work as they prepare for the two weeks away
from their usual duties.

The dedication of the band members and staff - in giving of their time and talent is truly appreciated.

The next update on Thursday comes to you from The Rhodes Center!
Never Ending Activity
July 23, 2010

The last week has been filled with non-stop activity on the grounds.  Numerous rides have appeared
throughout the week and the skyline now boasts of the Giant Ferris Wheel and the Crazy Mouse Roller
Coaster.  Across the street from the Rhodes Cener the pre-Fair llama show is taking place.  On a musical note,
the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir members arrived on Thursday evening and started their rehearsals.

As for the Band it has been a week of getting ready.  The phone calls and emails have been fast and
continuous as parents and members asked about the experience, how to prepare and what to expect.  Most of
the staff arrived on Thursday and Friday moving, getting their bunks ready and getting ready to work.

From sun-up to sun-down staff members put it all together on Friday - uniforms were counted and bagged,
sound equipment & percussion were moved to the rehearsal hall, the Band formation was set, packets for
parents created, Band displays were installed, more cleaning was done, name tags for all members were
made and more!

So, get ready for
Fairtastic! days ahead as the Band continues its proud traditions and creates new ones along
the way at the 157th Ohio State Fair.
Rehearsal Day 3
July 26, 2010

The Band reported to the Rhodes Center Saturday morning, and received their welcomes and introductions to
the 2010 All-Ohio State Fair Band.  The new and returning band members are now part of an 85 year tradition at
the Ohio State Fair.

Saturday afternoon the directors held auditions and placed the students in their seating locations.  After a long
afternoon of warm-ups, nerves, scales and sight-reading, the chairs were set and the students learned their
new role and began rehearsing their important first, second, and third musical parts in the band.

A rainy Sunday morning brought another long day of rehearsals in the Rhodes Center West Auditorium.  The
band is beginning to tap into their many pieces of music, with returning favorites such as the Blues Brothers
Revue, Funiculi Funicula, Big Band Polka, and the annual tradition of Stars and Stripes Forever. Through a
combination of full band rehearsals and sectional rehearsals, the music is beginning to come together in
preparation for the Band's upcoming performance at the State Capitol on Tuesday.

Today is the third day of rehearsals, and the Band has been divided into two unit bands - the Red Band and the
Black Band.  
**Parents - please remind your students to tell you which unit band they are in so you may follow
their performance schedule on the website!**
The unit bands are learning their AOSFB marching techniques
and experiencing their first march around the fairgrounds this morning.  Later they will have more sectional and
full band rehearsals to complete the long third day of rehearsal.

Stay tuned to this news page for some more updates on the Band's daily experiences at the 157th Ohio State
Fair.  Fun days are ahead with opening ceremonies of the State Fair on Wednesday, followed by upcoming
traditional performances during the daily parades, evenings on the Rhodes Lawn, marching bally-hoos around
the grounds, the Celeste Center Concert with the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir, the Park of Roses in
Columbus, appearances in the Coliseum, birthday wishes at Schmidt's Sausage Haus, and so much more!
Band Returns to the State Capitol
July 27, 2010

This morning, the Band traveled to downtown Columbus for a tour and performance at the State Capitol
building.  This is the fourth appearance by the talented State Fair musicians, as the All-Ohio State Fair Youth
Choir performed in 2007 and 2009, and the Band previously in 2008.

Split into four groups, members learned more about Ohio's history and legislative procedings as they toured
the Capitol and listened to the group guides.  Some of the band members may have aspirations to become an
Ohio representative as they learned the minimum age to run for state office is only eighteen!

After the tour, the Band returned to the busses to gather their instruments and march to the front of the
Statehouse and perform their first concert for the public.  As a nice crowd of visitors enjoyed the music while
sitting on the Statehouse steps, the Band performed a wonderful concert representing the youth of Ohio.

A very special thanks to Capitol Square and Walmart for making this opportunity possible for the students, as
for many of the band members this was their first experience at the State Capitol.

Upon returning to the fairgrounds, the Band split into the Black and Red Bands to rehearse some concerts at
some of the different fairground locations.  After dinner tonight, the final day of rehearsal will conclude with a
full band rehearsal in the Rhodes Center West Auditorium.  The students have done a wonderful job during the
past four intense rehearsal days - for some students, it has probably been the most they have played their
instruments in such a short period of time.  They look forward to participating in the Opening Ceremonies of
the 157th Ohio State Fair tomorrow morning.
Opening Ceremonies
July 28, 2010

Last night, the Band concluded a long four days of rehearsing nearly 60 pieces of music for performances
during the fair.  To celebrate their accomplishments, the Band was treated to an evening pizza/polka party
sponsored by alumnus Rob Gardner, DDS, alumnae Jennifer McDowell and Melissa Spangler, as well as
Lisa Gallagher.  Rob treated the Band to the pizza, while beverages and granola bars were provided by the
ladies.  All the directors and camp staff joined the fun of serving nearly 60 pizzas to the long line of over 200
patient band members.  The food went fast, the polka music was festive, and everyone had a good time.

This morning, the All-Ohio State Fair Band and All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir entertained fairgoers at Opening
Ceremonies for the fair.  First Lady Frances Strickland greeted the students and used the baton to conduct the
Band in the tune, "When You're Smiling" and then "Heart and Soul" with the Choir.  General Manager Virgil
Strickler and Governor Ted Strickland made their remarks welcoming visitors to this great State Fair in the
great State of Ohio, reminded everyone of the importance of the junior fair, and celebrated the talents and
accomplishments of the youth of Ohio, including the Band and Choir.

The Red and Black Bands are bally-hooing through the fairgrounds, and made their first appearance of the fair
in the Bricker Building Marketplace.  With a few other performances this afternoon, the Band will line up for their
first daily parade of the 157th Ohio State Fair.  A dozen band members will also ride on the All-Ohio State Fair
Band's float.  The float has been a tradition since 2003, and this year the Band has a new float.  Special thanks
to Equipment Managers Michael Taras and Stephanie (Susi) Hyde for all their hard work making the new Stars
and Stripes float ready for its big debut.
Fairtastic Days
July 29, 2010

The Band took part of Day 2 of the Ohio State Fair today.  Red and Black Bands performed this morning at
Central Park and on another Bally-hoo around the grounds, while the Gold Band performed together for the
first time at the State Fair Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

The Hall of Fame includes current and past All-Ohio State Fair Band staff including Donald F. Santa-Emma,
Edward P. Gallagher, James R. Esswein, Omar P. Blackman, Jack O. Evans, George H. Wilson, David Meeker,
Joyce L. Wendel-Smith, and Weldon A. Carpenter.

Also awarded at the Hall of Fame luncheon were the Scholarship Endowment Funds awarded to a member of
the Band, Choir, and Junior Fair Board.  Congratulations to this year's recipient Gwendolyn M. McDonald.  
Gwendolyn is a four year veteran of the AOSFB as a member of the clarinet section and will be attending The
Ohio State University in the fall.

This evening the full band will head over to the Coliseum to rehearse for a future Coliseum performance. It
may be a later evening for taps tonight by the time the Band returns from practice.
Photo Day
July 30, 2010

Yesterday the Band and Choir were a part of fair history.  Outside the Celeste Center around 8:30pm,
members of the Band and Choir including staff were joined by fair mascots Cowman and Hayworth in the first
ever "flash mob."  For those unfamiliar with the flash mob, in a public area a group of "planted" people who
know what is going to happen simply stand by and act as though they are everyday visitors.  Music begins, and
one person begins to dance, joined by two or three more, joined by another group, and so on until a very large
group of people are all dancing choreography in the street together.  Many of the State Fair commissioners and
staff were also there, including Fair Manager Virgil Strickler.  Though the music started a bit late, it was great
fun, and even public visitors joined the large flash mob in dancing the "Cupid Shuffle."  The dance may be
posted on You Tube soon, so stay tuned for updates on where to find the video.

Today members took their individual and small group photos with photographer, Barry Conrad.  After a few unit
band performances this morning and afternoon, the Band will join the Choir on the Rhodes Center East Lawn
for a joint concert at 6:30pm.

Tomorrow is Alumni Day, and we look forward to seeing many returning faces from previous years of the
All-Ohio organizations including the Boys' Band, Girls' Band, Youth Symphony, and State Fair Band.  James
"Tank" Esswein will once again be leading the Alumni Band in some performances around the fairgrounds
including the daily parade, and alumni will join current band members on the AOSFB float.  Registration
begins in the Rhodes Lobby at 11am.  For those alumni joining in performances, remember to wear khaki
shorts or pants and the gray alumni polo or plain gray shirt.  See you at the fair!
Combined Celeste Center Concert
August 2, 2010

Alumni Day took place on Saturday, 7/31, and brought back many familiar faces to the Ohio State Fairgrounds.  
Some alums traveled from out of state for the occasion, including Wisconsin and Georgia.  All the decades
were represented from 1950s through 2000s.  The Alumni Band, under the direction of James "Tank"
Esswein, performed at DiSalle Center, and did their annual bally-hoo through the Bricker Building.  A slight
rainfall was enough to get folks wet, but the temperature cooled off a bit in time for the daily parade.  Alumni
and band members rode the float together, and also marched as separate units in the daily parade.  The
evening concert brought back some old time favorites, and the Alumni Band performed Them Basses and
joined the current Band for a round of National Emblem and Stars and Stripes.

Sunday was another big day for AOSFB.  The morning was spent at the Celeste Center for a dress rehearsal
with the AOSFYC for the afternoon concert.  At 1:00pm, the Band and Choir were the featured performance of
the day for the annual combined concert.  Thousands of fairgoers enjoyed a great show, including the
traditional Battle Hymn of the Republic by the Choir and Stars and Stripes by the Band.  The finale consisted of
the Band and Choir performing God Bless America and America the Beautiful together.  Standing ovations
from the crowd reiterated the remarkable performance by the four hundred talented musicians.  The band's
performance was recorded to make their souvenir CD.  
***It is still possible for your student to order their
recording.  Please have them visit the AOSFB General Store during Store hours to complete their recording
order form.  There will only be a limited number of CDs available for sale after the pre-orders are fulfilled.***

After the daily parade, the Band traveled offsite to the Whetstone Park of Roses in Columbus for the annual
Civitan Club Concert Series.  Hundreds more enjoyed the Band's beautiful evening concert, including many
family, friends, and alumni.

Today after the parade, the Band will have its first Coliseum Show.  Then, it is off to the Youth Center (aka
Lausche Building) for an evening stand-up performance inside all the youth exhibits.    
Playin' in the Rain
August 4, 2010

Yesterday was another annual tradition for the AOSFB celebrating George Schmidt's 89th birthday.  The rain
could not keep the band from breaking this 82 year old tradition.  With only brass and percussion playing, and
woodwinds marching without their instruments, the band marched with a rain delayed start to Schmidt's
Sausage Haus on the fairgrounds to play a few tunes and play and sing Happy Birthday to George.  The
performance concluded with George conducting Stars and Stripes Forever.  The Band entertained many
Schmidt family members and generations that came to the fair especially for this special occasion.  As a thank
you, the family provided another annual tradition - feeding the band members hot dogs and beverages as a
thank you for the performance.  Many alumni have fond memories of performing for George and his family, and
we are pleased the rain did not keep this experience away from the 2010 Band as well.

The severe storms heard by the band members overnight were not over today.  While the unit bands were able
to complete their morning performances at Cardinal Gate and Central Park, the afternoon weather brought
some challenges.  Black Band headed over to the arts exhibits in DiSalle Center for a performance, but Red
Band was called indoors before fall-in because of an even more severe storm that brewed over the Rhodes
Center.  With extremely high winds and tornado watches in surrounding areas, the students stayed indoors for
safety.  The Black Band stayed at DiSalle until the rain and winds mostly blew over, and then joined their
counterparts in the barracks until the storm passed.  Then, when trying to line up to head to ODNR for a
performance before the parade, the Band was called back inside as the rains returned.  Fortunately, after
waiting a bit longer, they were able to perform in the daily parade, as well as a stand up performance on the
Rhodes Lawn after dinner.

Some members of the band have also been practicing with Tank in a small ensemble called the Fairest
Flutes.  The group performed at the Cardinal Gate on Monday evening, DiSalle Center on Tuesday evening,
and the Cox Fine Arts Center this evening.  The group has been doing well, and have delighted fairgoers with
another musical experience during their evening adventures at the fair.
Omelets, Agriculture, and AOSFB
August 6, 2010

The Ohio Poultry Association sponsored morning Omelet Day for breakfast in the Rhodes Center Cafeteria for
the students of the Band and Choir yesterday.  With 'celebrity' chefs including Fair Commissioners, Band and
Choir Staff, the students were treated to omelets made to order with their choice of fillings.  It was a delicious
breakfast and great start to the day with the 'incredible edible egg.'  Special thanks to OPA for bringing this
traditional event back to the students this year.

This morning the Black Band performed for the Ohio Agriculture Hall of Fame breakfast, and later after the
afternoon unit band performances the full band will be performing the concert at Ohio Department of Natural
Resources before the parade.  Senator and Mrs. Voinovich are expected to be in attendance, so the Band may
be treated to a guest conductor during the park performance.  Senator Voinovich was a french horn player as a
student, and enjoys conducting the Band during his annual visit to the Ohio State Fair.

More big band group photos have arrived, so if your student has not yet purchased a photo they may do so
when the AOSFB General Store is open.  Also available are CDs and DVDs of the Band's performance at the
Celeste Center with the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir.  The CD recording features the Band and their
selections, while the DVD has all the video of both the Band and Choir that was shown on the big screen
during the concert.  These items may also be available for purchase after the Parents' Concert tomorrow while
supplies last.

Tonight the students will have their last dinner in the Rhodes Center and their last evening concert on the
Rhodes Lawn , as they prepare for their last day of the 2010 AOSFB tomorrow.  The Parent's Concert is
scheduled for 2pm in the West Auditorium of the Rhodes Center Saturday afternoon - we look forward to
hosting all the families and sharing how far the Band has come in the past two weeks, and thanking them
again for allowing their student to participate in the "fair-tastic" experience of the All-Ohio State Fair Band.
Closing Time
August 8, 2010

The 2010 Ohio State Fair has come to a close.  The band headed home last night and the final items were put
away today and the The Gallaghers closed the office for the last time at 7:30 Sunday night.

Tank and Mike are hanging on for an extra day to finish off the music organization duties.

What now?

Look back and remember . . .the good times, hot days, new friends, continuing friends and more.  Be sure to
stop www.aosfb.com for photos that will be published in the coming days.

Then we start to look ahead...to the Band reporting on July 23, 2011 and the opeing of the 158th Ohio State Fair
on July 27, 2011.

Please sign-up for eNotes so we can keep in touch.  All AOSFB questions may be emailed to
AOSFB to Perform for the Inauguration of Gov. Kasich
January 6, 2011

The All-Ohio State Fair is once again honored to take part an Inauguration Ceremony for the Ohio Governor.  
Playing for the ceremony has become an AOSFB tradition with performances for Governors Celeste, Voinovich,
Taft, Strickland and now, for Ohio's 69th Governor, John Kasich.

The ceremony will be held inside the Ohio Theater in downtown Columbus.  As a result, a select group of 50
members from the 2010 AOSFB were invited to take part.  Space constraints in the orchestra pit severly limit the
numbers of players and, currently, 40 members of the Bandare scheduled to perform.

The ensemble will be meeting at The Rhodes Center on Januray 10th for a short rehearsal and then head to
the theater.  They are scheduled to play some great marches while also starting off the pre-event music with
Beautiful Ohio and concluding with Ohio's official rock song, Hang On Sloopy, as requested by the incoming

Some pictures of the event will be posted next week.  Until then,
click here to enjoy a wonderful piece that
appeared in a number of Sun Newspapers in the Cleveland area on  January 6th