NEWS 2009
Call for Artists: Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition
April 30, 2009

The Ohio State Fair has so many ways to be involved - from the Band and
Choir to horse shows and juried visual arts events. Current Band members
have their hands full with rehearsal and concerts.  Alumni, parents and friends
of the Band are encourgaed to join in on the excitment as you "Share the Fair"

The deadline for entry in the outstanding Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition is
May 22 and the late entry date is May 29.  Co-directors Pamela O'Loughlin
and Melissa Vogley Woods continue to bring in the most talented amateur and
professional visual artists to take part in this exceptional exhibit.

The Cox Fine Arts Building, located on the southside of the Fairgrounds near
the Ohio Gate, is home to the exhibit that presents over 300 pieces from
emerging and professional artists. Be sure to put the Cox Building on your
"must see" list for the Fair.

Take a minute to view the Call for Artists by clicking here:
2009 Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition
92 Days Until the Fair Opens
April 28, 2009

Acceptance letters have been mailed and the final touches are being put on the
AOSFB schedule.  There have been discussions about what will take place at
the Fair and how many concerts are schedules . . . and will we play in the
Coliseum again??  Beginning Monday there will be weekly updates about the
Fair as we head to another great summer!  We'll see you here Monday for
more updates.

121 Days Until the Fair Opens
March 30, 2009

Tickets for most of the State Fair concerts are on sale now.  Some new shows
- including Alice Cooper were just added.  Check out
for more info.

Deadline for Band applications is Tuesday!  Contact or if you still need an application or want to pass one along
to a friend.

205 Day Until the First Rehearsal of 2009!
January 1, 2009

The Ball has dropped in Times Square and the "Countdown to AOSFB '09"
has officially begun! There are only 205 days until the first notes are played by
the 2009 All-Ohio State Fair Band.  Watch the countdown, day-by-day by  
clicking here to view the official clock that ticks away the time until Mr.
Santa-Emma directs the first notes on July 25

The web site will be continually updated so check back frequently each week
for schedules, Fair info and more as we prepare to experience all that The
All-Ohio State Fair Band and State Fair has to offer.
Weekly Updates: Share the Fair
May 4, 2009
83 Days Until the Band reports
87 Days until the Fair opens

The theme of this year's Ohio State Fair is Share the Fair . . .
is the place where we strive to  Share the Fair with you.

Over the next 12 weeks you will be learning about special days, the concert
series, discounts and everything about the 2009 AOSFB.  In addition, this is
the place for family and friends to stay up to date with the Fair experience
during the Band's time at The Fair.

This year will you will be able to catch the Band almost every night on Rhodes
Center East Lawn at 6:30 pm and in the Daily Parade at 4:00 pm.  In addition,
the Band will perform in the Coliseum, DiSalle Center for the Creative Arts
Exhibit, Lausche Building/Youth Exhibits, Janis Senior Center, and of course in
most Fair Buildings during the frequent Ballyhoo.  Outside venues include the
Cardinal Gate, Central Park, ODNR Park Area and The Main Street Stage.  
All told, the Band will be performing nearly 80 times during the Fair.

The daily schedules for the '09 State Fair will be announced on this web site
July 4.

More info coming next week.  Watch this space for breaking State Fair news....
Weekly Updates: Show Your Skills with Creative Arts Competitions
May 19, 2009
67 Days Until the Band reports
71 Days until the Fair opens

Feeling creative?  Are you a fantastic cook?  Like collecting antiques?  How
about being handy with Duct Tape?  You're in luck as there are more creative
outlets and competitions at this Fair than in a long time!  
Click here to be taken
to the Ohio State Fair Competitions web site.

What's new you ask?  Check these out....
Candy Box Decorating Competition
Cupcakes Galore Competition
Decorated Thrones Competition
Domestic Goddess Apron Competition
Duct Tape Wagon Float Competition
Fastest Knitting Competition
Fresh Vegetables Competition
King Arthur " Great Cake Competition"
Watermelon Seed Spitting Competition

Of course there are many traditional competitions, so check them all out by
cking here.
Weekly Updates: AOSFB Staff
May 26, 2009
59 Days Until the Band reports
63 Days until the Fair opens

Donald Santa-Emma, Director of the All-Ohio State Fair Band is pleased to announce the staff for
the 2009 Ohio State Fair.  This year's staff, filled with familiar faces, brings a combined 160+ years
of State Fair Band Staff experience. Eight staff members have served for 10 or more years.

This year we welcome back Jennifer McDowell who took off last year when her daughter Ashley
Mae was born.  Joining the staff this year is 4-year vet Stephanie Susi who played trombone in the
Band from 2002-2005.

We say goodbye to Nick Quallich who was equipment manager from '06-'08 and Tara Griest who
served as counselor in '08.  Many thanks to both of you for making a difference and being part of
the AOSFB.

click here for the staff biographical and click here for staff photos.
Weekly Updates: Schedules Posted
July 4, 2009

It's the 4th of July and time to check out a parade, listen to The Stars and Stripes Forever and head
into the homestretch before the 2009 Ohio State Fair.

The schedules for the Fair have been posted on the web site and you can
click here to go to the
schedules start page.  This year we return to the Colsieum, the Lausche Building and welcome the
return of the Omlete Breakfast sponsored by the Ohio Poutry Association.
Welcome 2009 All-Ohio State Fair Band!
July 27, 2009

Members of the 2009 AOSFB arrived on Saturday morning.  The day included unpacking their
belongings in the barracks, trying out through auditions, and learning the seating placement of the
2009 Band.  Their long evening rehearsal gave the students the opportunity to learn a selection of
the approximateliy 60 pieces of music that will be used for performances throughout the 12 day

Sunday was a full day of reheasals as well.  The students learned their Red Band or Black Band
assignments.  This split into two bands allow fairgoers to enjoy more performances around the
fairgrounds each day.  Parents, be sure to ask your student which band they are in so you may
follow along with their daily performance gigs on the "Schedules" page.

Today the Band is taking its first trip around the fairgrounds with some marching practice.  Squad
leaders are helping others learn how to march to the traditional AOSFB cadences arranged by Alan
Abel.  This year, the cadence has a twist with two new sets of quads for the first time!
Last Day of Rehearsal
July 28, 2009

Today is the last day of rehearsal before Opening Ceremonies tomorrow.  The Band met outside
this morning for a group 'family' photo on the front lawn.  It was a beautiful morning for the
picture, and students may still order this picture for the next day or so.

The Red and Black Bands are out this afternoon rehearsing concert performances around the
grounds at the Janis Senior Center and Central Park.  They will reconvene as full band for their final
rehearsal this evening in the Rhodes Center Auditorium.  It has been a very busy few days for the
students, but they have done a remarkable job and we look forward to their performances at the
2009 Ohio State Fair.
Opening Day
July 29, 2009

Today was a soggy start to the 2009 Ohio State Fair.  Because of the rain, Opening Ceremonies
were relocated inside the Youth Discovery Center, the building just north of the Rhodes Center.  
The woodwinds ended up leaving their instruments behind to protect them from the wet weather,
and the drums and brass carried the tunes for the crowd.

First Lady Frances Strickland conducted the Band in a rendition of When You're Smiling, and then
headed over to conduct the Youth Choir in the song, Consider Yourself.  The First Lady told the
Band she was a french horn player, and shared with the Choir she sang with the Altos.

For a special treat, at the conclusion of the ceremony the Band and Choir performed a joint
performance of Hang on Sloopy while First Lady Frances Strickland conducted the Choir and  
Governor Ted Strickland conducted the Band.

While the weather changed this morning's schedule from the originally scheduled Unit Band
performances to a Full Band Rehearsal, the sun is now trying to peek out and the afternoon
performances by Black and Red Bands at DiSalle Center and Main Street Stage are on their way.  
We look forward to their first Daily Parade at 4pm with the return of the AOSFB float making its
scheduled appearance with a randomly selected group of students.
Fair Day 2
July 30, 2009

This morning the unit bands entertained fairgoers around the grounds, and the additional Gold Band
Unit had a special performance for the State Fair Hall of Fame Luncheon.  The State Fair Hall of
Fame includes All-Ohio State Fair Band inductees Omar P. Blackman (former Director), Jack O.
Evans (former Director), George Wilson (former Assistant Director), David Meeker (former
Assistant Director), Joyce L. Wendel (former Camp Manager), Weldon Carpenter (Historian) and
current Camp Manager, Assistant Camp Manager and Director, Edward P. Gallagher, James R.
Esswein and Donald F. Santa-Emma, respectively.  All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir inductees
include John Sullivan and Director Charles Snyder.

Some afternoon rain caused the Band to march brass and percussion in the daily parade.  But the
sky cleared and the evening performance went on with another special guest appearance by First
Lady of Ohio Frances Strickland.  She was once again invited to conduct the Band in Hang on
Sloopy and promptly told the students jokingly, "I know which end of the baton to hold" (referring
to a mix up when Governor Strickland accidentally held the baton upside down while conducting at
Opening Ceremonies).

This evening's late night Coliseum rehearsal scheduled for 9:45pm was postponed until tomorrow
evening - the students were ecstatic to enjoy some more time on the fairgrounds.  Band members
will have their individual photos taken tomorrow morning as well.
AOSFB and AOSFYC headlining Celeste Center
August 2, 2009

Friday was individual picture day for the Band members.  The rain held out long enough for long
time friend and photographer of the Band, Barry Conrad, to have the traditional photos by the
spruce trees on the Rhodes Lawn.

Yesterday was Alumni Day for the All-Ohio State Fair Band.  Nearly 150 alumni dating back to the
1940s Boys Bands came to enjoy their day and the performances by the 2009 Band.  About 50
members participated with the Alumni Band under the direction of James "Tank" Esswein.  After a
rehearsal and annual meeting in the Choir tents on the west side of the Rhodes Center, the Alumni
Band bally-hoo'd around the fairgrounds ending with a traditional performance in the Bricker
Building Marketplace.  They also marched as a unit in the daily parade, and performed "Them
Basses" during the Alumni Concert on the Rhodes Lawn after dinner.  Thank you to all who came
to the fair, and special thanks to all those who participated and assisted with the Alumni Band.  It
was a remarkable day, and it just gets better every year!

This morning, the Band and Choir had a dress rehearsal and sound check in the Celeste Center as
they will be the headline show in the Celeste Center this afternoon.  This afternoon's concert at
1pm will entertain between 2000-3000 fairgoers and Band and Choir families.  The Band will also
be making their annual recording during the performance.  After the daily parade and dinner, the
Band will be leaving the fairgrounds to perform a public concert at the Park of Roses in Columbus.  
Thank you to Glenn Williams and the Civitan Club of Columbus for continuing this annual
tradition and inviting the Band to participate in the Summer Concert Series.
Cantoring to the Coliseum
August 3, 2009

This morning one of the Unit Bands performed for the 50 Year Club in the Rhodes Center West
Auditorium.  The 50 Year Club is open to anyone who participated in the Ohio State Fair 50 years
ago (1959 or earlier) either as an exhibitor, worker, or even visiting with their family.  Several Band
Alumni were here from the 1950s.  The annual meeting participants also enjoyed a video from the
1955 Ohio State Fair that highlighted the All-Ohio Boys Band and Dr. Louis E. Pete, Director.  The
video shows Assisant Directors Jack O. Evans and Omar P. Blackman conducting, as well as the
Band playing their instruments on the Ferris Wheel under the direction of another past Assistant
Director, George Wilson.

It is a busy day, as the Band will march in the 4:00 Daily Parade, eat dinner, and head out for their
first Coliseum Show of the Fair at 5:30pm.  After the Coliseum they will return for an evening
performance in the Lausche Building (Youth Discovery Center).

Later tonight, the Band will enjoy an ice cream snack as a promise from the Camp Staff for earning
the "Ice Cream Challenge" on Opening Day of the fair.  This tradition challenges every member of
the Band to look great in their full proper uniforms, and this is only the third year in the past ten
years of so that the Band won the challenge!  Great job to the students!
Happy Birthday George Schmidt!
August 4, 2009

After a morning bally-hoo performing throughout buildings and around the fairgrounds, the unit
bands met at the south end near the Ohio Gate to pass along birthday wishes to George Schmidt of
Schmidt's Sausage Haus.  The band plays a few tunes, including Happy Birthday for George, and
concludes with George conducting the Band in the Stars and Stripes Forever.  This tradition has
been ongoing for the past 80 years, and George is celebrating his 88th birthday this fair.  The entire
Schmidt family truly appreciates this annual tradition, and as George said - it is the highlight of his

Be sure to visit Schmidt's Sausage Haus for a jumbo cream puff or a bahama mama on your next
visit to the fair, or at the restaurant in German Village in Columbus throughout the year.  Schmidt's
will also be hosting an Oktoberfest celebration in the commercial buildings on the fairgrounds on
September 25-September 27, 2009.  Be sure to visit and check out all the entertainment, family fun  
and great food!

Tonight will be the second Coliseum Show for the 2009 AOSFB.  Yesterday evening's show was a
hit, and entertained a good sized crowd in the Coliseum in between the horse shows.

Has your Band student ordered their 2009 AOSFB CD yet?  The recording was made during the
Celeste Center show, and there will be a limited quantity of extras after the pre-orders are filled.  
So  be sure your student stops by the AOSFB General Store in the next day or so!
Pizza Party!
August 5, 2009

While the weather this morning was very gloomy, the rain held out and the gray clouds dispersed
for the sun to shine through.  No performances were cancelled, and fairgoers enjoyed the melodic
sounds of the Band's repertoire.  This year's fair weather has been cooler and comfortable, and the
students have not had to endure many performances in the typical August heat.

Today's daily concerts will be followed by the Band's annual pizza party, made possible by
AOSFB Alumni and camp staff.  Pizza, pop, and dessert are provided by Robert Gardener, DDS
(clarinet '84-'86), Gene Shell (trumpet/drum major '44-'46), Jennifer Radwan McDowell (clarinet
'89-'92 and camp staff),  Melissa Spangler (flute '89-'92 and camp staff), and Lisa Gallagher (camp
staff).  The Band expresses its gratitude for the support and donations of alumni for special events
for the band, and for funding various scholarship opportunities for band members.

Any Alumni who wish to contribute to fund scholarships, materials for the Band's float in the daily
parade, special events, or other items for the students may contact the
Alumni Association for
details on how to donate.
Hooray for Omelets!
August 6, 2009

This morning was the return of Omelet Day at breakfast, sponsored by the Ohio Poultry
Association.  While none of the Band or Choir staff making the omelets for the 400 students this
morning could break the world record of making 35 omelets in 5 minutes on the same skillet, they
did their best to make some tasty breakfast omelets made-to-order for each of the Band and Choir
members in line.  Special thanks to the Ohio Poultry Association for this popular annual event, and
the Ohio State Fair Commissioners for helping as well!  (It is amazing how many omelets you can
make in a short amount of time with 18 cooking stations!)

The staff also distributed the Band's CDs this morning to those students who pre-ordered them.  
There are a limited quantity available for purchase after the orders are filled, so students will hear
announcements of when they are available to purchase.

There are also a limited quantity of unique AOSFB t-shirts on sale, as well as a few remaining red
hoodies.  Be sure your student stops by the Store during store hours and picks up theirs while
supplies last!
Ohio Agriculture Hall of Fame
August 7, 2009

The Gold Band returned for a performance representing the All-Ohio State Fair Band for the Ohio
Agriculture Hall of Fame brunch in the Rhodes Center.  Nearly 400 guests attended to honor the
new inductees, and enjoyed a concluding performance of Beautiful Ohio, When You're Smiling, and
Stars and Stripes Forever.

The Red and Black bands enjoyed some bally-hoos around the fairgrounds, and entertained both
fairgoers and vendors alike.  Guest conductor Charlie Cox from Cox Concessions conducted the Red
Band - Cox Concessions runs the cafeteria food in the Rhodes Center, so the Band was able to
thank Mr. Cox for his support, and presented him with a photo of this year's Band.

The individual photos arrived yesterday, so students are encouraged to pick theirs up during the
Store hours.  A limited quantity of extra CDs are also now available for purchase.

Even though there is only one day remaining for the 2009 AOSFB, be sure to visit the website after
camp, as photos of this year's events and performances will be posted in the Photo Albums
sometime next week.  What a great way to remember this year's Band, from auditions, rehearsals,
opening ceremonies, birthday time at Schmidt's, Celeste Center concert, Rhodes Center Lawn
evening concerts, Coliseum, pizza parties, ice cream, etc.!  It has been a memorable experience for
the students and staff!

All are welcome to attend tomorrow's Parents' Concert at 2:00pm in the Rhodes Center West
Auditorium.  The students will then turn some music and equipment in before marching in their last
daily parade at the 156th Ohio State Fair.  Please remember that parents and families are
permitted in any of the dormitories until 4:30pm after the band returns from the parade.  (Current
band members are welcome to assist each other in moving belongings out of the dormitories prior to
that time.)
Great Photos of the 2009 Ohio State Fair
August 8, 2009

Spirit Photography, the official photographers of The Ohio State Fair, took numerous photos
during the Fair.  There are many that feature the Band and even more that highlight the entire State

Take a look at
Spirit Photography's web site to view the photos and maybe even add a few to your
Final Day of the 2009 AOSFB
August 8, 2009

This morning the Band had its last morning wake-up with the Tank and Ed morning show, its last
breakfast in the Rhodes Center Cafeteria, its last morning inspection, and its final morning full band
concert in Central Park.

The Parents' Concert is 2:00pm this afternoon.  The recipients of several scholarships will be
announced, including the Alumni Association Scholarship to a graduating senior, and the Directors'
Award (presented by Don and Nancy Caldwell, whose uncle Jack Wainwright was the first
conductor of the Band) and second annual Omar P. Blackman award to deserving members of any

The Band will be completed with their 2009 duties at the conclusion of their final daily parade.  
Barracks will be cleaned out by 7pm this evening, and the members will have the opportunity to
enjoy the evening with their families at the fair.

Thanks to all the high school band directors for their support and recommendations,  to all the
parents for sharing their students with the fair for two weeks, and to the students themselves for a
fine job this summer.  The many performances at the many different locations around the
fairgrounds truly entertained fairgoers and showed how the All-Ohio State Fair Band represents
Ohio's finest young talented musicians from all over Ohio.

See you at the 2010 Ohio State Fair!