116 Day Until the First Rehearsal of 2008!
March 31, 2008

The countdown is on until the first notes are played by the 2008 All-Ohio State
Fair Band.  Watch the countdown, second-by-second by
clicking here to view
the official clock that ticks away the days, minutes and seconds until Mr.
Santa-Emma directs the first notes.

The web site will be continually updated so check back frequently for news,
schedules, Fair info and more.
NEWS 2008
Big Names at The Ohio State Fair
March 29, 2008

A partial list of headlining entertainment has be named for the 2008 Ohio State

Who will be performing in the Celeste Center?

July 31    Dierks Bentley & Miranda Lambert
August 1  Musiq Soulchild
August 2  Melissa Ethridge
August 3  All-Ohio State Fair Band and All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir
August 4  Toby Mac
August 5  Four Freshmen
August 5  Peter Frampton
August 6  Blake Shelton
August 7  The Oak Ridge Boys & Charlie Daniels Band
August 8  Chaka Khan

More acts will be named at a later date.

Ticket information may be obtained via
ticketmaster.com by clicking here.
A Round of Applause to the Fifty-Year Club of The Ohio State Fair
April 20, 2008

The Ohio State Fair Fifty-Year Club has recently announced the support of
scholarships for the All-Ohio State Fair Band and Youth Choir.

Funds from the scholarships will assist chosen members of the Band to
purchase uniforms for the Fair, and fund for the Choir will assist in the purchase
of uniforms and music.

The Fifty-Year Club is an organization that is open to all faigoers who have
attended and Ohio State Fair 50 or more years ago.  The notable club holds an
annual meeting each year to reminisce and celebrate the traditions of the Fair.

The Band and Choir have long been performers for the annual meetings held in
the Rhodes Center West Auditorium.  In recent years, Band Historian Weldon
Carpenter has provided a fantastic display for the meeting.

The objective of the club is to support, improve and promote the Fair and to
develop a fellowship among its members.  The club annually presents the Giant
Step Award and has, in the past, supported a tree planting project that added
to the beauty of the Fairgrounds.  The AOSFB Alumni Association made a
donation to the tree project in the name of former Director Omar P. Blackman
in 1999.

Watch the  aosfb.org web site for information about the winners of the first 50
Year Club Scholarship Award.

Please click here for more information about the 50 Year Club.

Many thanks to Barb Prince and Deborah Hochbein of The Ohio State Fair for
working with the 50 Year Club leadership to create this scholarship for
deserving members of the AOSFB and AOSFYC!!
Shows Added to the Celeste Center Line-Up
April 19, 2008

In addition to the shows listed below, The Ohio State Fair is pleased to
announce the following shows for the 2008 State Fair:

July 30   Ohio Lottery presents the Cash Explosion Road Show Live
Aug. 6     Candy Coburn has been added to the Blake Shelton concert line-up
Aug 10   Sale of Champions Livestock Auction

The State Fair will be announcing a concert for the Saturday, August 9th.

One of the most common questions being asked asked about the concert series
is "What about Rascal Flatts?"  Ohio's favorite country sons will not be
returning to The State Fair and Crew Stadium this year.
Acceptance Letters Have Been Mailed
May 13, 2008

Donald F. Santa-Emma, Director of the AOSFB, has announced that the
acceptance letters for the 2008 AOSFB have been mailed.  Individuals who
have been accepted are kindly request to return their completed forms as soon
as possible.
Ohio State Fair Unveils 2008 "Friendship" Basket
May 18, 2008

The Ohio State Fair has unveiled the Second Edition Ohio State Fair Basket.  
This fantastic basket is proudly made in the USA specifically for the Fair by the
American Baskets Company.  Please follow the link to learn more about
purchasing your 2008
Ohio State Fair Basket.
Congratulations to Jennifer and Andrew McDowell
May 20, 2008

Congratulations to Mom & Dad McDowell and a big welcome to Ashley Mae
McDowell who was born on May 20 at 7:26am.  She wieghed in at 6lbs 9oz
and 19 inches tall.  Jennifer Radwan (Clarinet '89-'92, Staff '94-'07) and
Andrew McDowell are doing well and of course are looking forward to their
first family trip to The Ohio State Fair this summer!
AOSFB Staff Announced
June 1, 2008

Donald F. Santa-Emma, Director of the All-Ohio State Fair Band is pleased to
announce the 2008 AOSFB Staff.  Mr. Santa-Emma will return for his 35 year
on the staff and 10th as Director of this storied ensemble.  Ed Gallagher will
serve as Camp Manager for the 9th year and 21st on the staff

The Music Staff rounds out with familiar faces such as Bill Ciabattarri, Kathy
DeBlasi, Brian Dodd, and Earle Louder.  Norman Maneri returns to the staff
after a one-year absence

The Camp Staff welcomes back Jim "Tank" Esswein, Lisa Gallagher and
Melissa Spangler.  Tara Griest joins the staff as a female councelor

Equipment Manager Nick Quallich comes back for another year and is joined
by Michael Taras

Departing the staff is Allan Howenstine who did a fine job during his year with
the Band, Kevin Jakubczak who recently graduated from the Rochester
Institute of Technology, and Jennifer Radwan McDowell who will be staying
home with newborn and future Band member Ashley Mae McDowell.

Complete staff biographies may be read on the
2008 AOSFB Staff page.
Alumni Apparel Now Available On-Line
June 10, 2008

The AOSFB Alumni Association and The Identity Group, LLC are pleased to
announce the availability of AOSFB Alumni apparel on line.  Follow the link
below to view the great new web site with everything from polos to t-shirts and
hats to hoodies . . .and more.

A portion of the proceeds from each purchase will benefit the AOSFB Alumni
Association Scholarship Fund.

This is the only place to get AOSFB Alumni items - they will not be available at
The Ohio State Fair. Check out the web site now and order early so you are
ready to play in the Alumni Band and to wear your AOSFB Pride all year long.

View it all at the official site of
AOSFB Alumni Apparel from The Identity
AOSFB to Perform at The Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival
July 15, 2008

The All-Ohio State Fair Band is proud to once again be perofrming at The
Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival in Mt. Vernon.  The concert is slated to
take place on the square in downtown Mt. Vernon at 7:30pm on Friday,
August 8.

This great festival annually drawn thousand to Knox County and is a grand
celebration of music and the arts.  Please visit the offical web site for more
information about the event at:

The Band's perfomance is proudly supported by United Precast Inc., Ross
Check Back Every Day
July 15, 2008

Starting today, please check back everyday for updates, info and fun stuff
related to The All-Ohio State Fair Band and the Ohio State Fair.

There will be daily updates everyday ferom now through August 11th.

11 days until the first notes of rehearsal
15 days until the opening of The Ohio State Fair at The Cardinal Gate.
Alumni Newsletter are in the Mail
July 16, 2008

The latest edition of the AOSFB Alumni News has been mailed.  All dues
paying Alums from days gone by to the members of the 2007 Band should be
recieving their copy in the next several days.

Many thanks to Alumni Association VP Melissa Spangler for spearheading the
work on the newsletter and putting it all together.Melissa, along with Lisa and
Ed Gallagher, spent the evening  of the 15th perparing the copies for

What to expect?  Schedules for Alumni Day, a look back to 2007 and a look
forward to 2008, as well as a ballot for AOSFB Alumni Executive Committee
The Fair Reaches Out on MySpace and Facebook
July 16, 2008

The Ohio State Fair has added more possible ways for you to increase your
Fair experience.  Christina Leeds, Marketing and Publication Relation Director
of The Ohio Expo Center & State Fair, has recently announced the addition of
MySpace and Facebook pages for the Fair.  It is a great way to stay in touch,
up-to-date and continue to live the Fair experience year round.  Check out the
links below and make the Ohio State Fair one of your MySpace and
Facebook friends.

Ohio State Fair on MySpace

Ohio State Fair on Facebook

10 days until the first notes of rehearsal
14 days until the opening of The Ohio State Fair at The Cardinal Gate.
The State Fair 5K
July 17, 2008

It's another first for the Ohio State Fair - and you can join in on the fun the
morning of Alumni Day.  The first annual Ohio State Fair 5K run and walk will
give you the chance to experience the Ohio State Faur from "top to bottom" as
runners will race along the entire length of the fairgrounds.  There is even a
"Future Olympians" kids race that kicks of the event at 7:30am. Entrance fee
for the race includes tickets to the Fair, parking and many other great items.  
Click on the link below to get all of the info:
Ohio State Fair 5K

9 days until for the first notes of rehearsal
13 days until the opening of the 2008 Ohio State Fair
eCards from The Fair
July 18, 2008

Send an ecard to friend and family to remind them to attend the Ohio State
Fair.  You can make you own card and personalize it - choosing to be with
Cowman - the State Fair Mascot, holding bunnies, on a ride and more.  Follow
the link below and start creating!

Ohio State Fair ecards.

8 days until for the first notes of rehearsal
12 until the opening of the 2008 Ohio State Fair
Cleaned and Ready to Go
July 19, 2008

The State Fair Band staff took on the Rhodes Center for the Annual Cleaning
Day.  The mops and buckets, cleaing spray and more came out as the staff
readied the dorms for next Saturday.

It took most of the day as the bunks were tagged, the office set-up and the
staff rooms prepared for the busy weeks of camp.

Thanks to everyone that participated:  Melissa Spangler, Don and Pat
Santa-Emma, Nick Quallich, Jennifer and Ashley McDowell, Tara Griest, Lisa,
Ed and Megan Gallagher, and Jim "Tank" Esswein.

7 days until for the first notes of rehearsal
11 until the opening of the 2008 Ohio State Fair
Fine Arts at The Ohio State Fair
July 20, 2008

As you know, the Ohio State Fair is filled with many, many things to see and
do.  One building that has served the Fair well over the years as the home to
outstanding exhibits of talent is the Cox Fine Arts Building, located near the
Ohio Gate.  It has been announced the the building will be razed after this
year's Fair.

You must put this building and its exhibits on your places to see when you
attend the Fair between July 30 and August 10. Co-Directors Pamela
O'Laughlin and Melissa Vogley Woods have been working throughout the year
to encourage participation by Ohioans, to provide the best and judges for the
competition and, most recently, to install a first class exhibit.  By all accounts
they have done a great job.

Check the daily schedules for complete building information of hours and
performance times as well.  You may also wish to view the Fine Arts Blog by
clicking the link below

Fine Arts Blog

6 days until for the first notes of rehearsal
10 until the opening of the 2008 Ohio State Fair
New Features on the 2008 Schedule
July 21, 2008

The State Fair Band is full of traditions that date back to 1925.  Each year it
seems one "old" tradition may lessen or fall away while a new one comes on
the scene.  The Grandstand concerts were on the schedules for years, as were
Coliseum performances.  Today we can't imagine the Fair without the daily
parade - but this event, in its current format, only dates to the late 1980s. Many
members can recall when the opening ceremony took place at The OHIO Gate
at 5am, today's standard has been Central Park or the Cardinal Gate

What's new in 2008 you as, take a look:
An evening performance inside the Lausche Building, the building that houses
exhibits from Girl Scouts, Camp Fire,4-H and others.
Several schedules performances in the DiSalle Center, the home of
Family Arts & Crafts.
The Green Beret Parachutes landing at The Rhodes Center to the musical
accompniament of the AOSFB.
A tour and performance at The Staehouse in downtown Columbus.
The return to playing for the Plasterers and Masons during their exhibition. This
was a mainstay in the Band schedule for years.
Playing the National Anthem at the opening of the Martial Arts Games.
There is one more very exciting possibility in the works . . . stay tuned.

5 days until for the first notes of rehearsal
9 until the opening of the 2008 Ohio State Fair
Traditions Continue
July 22, 2008

Yesterday we took a look at the new items on the Band's schedule.

Here are the constants:
The Daily Parade at 4pm
Playing Happy Birthday, and eating hot dogs, at Schmidt's
Evening performances on the Rhodes Lawn at 6:30.
Concerts at the Cardinal Gate, in  Central Park and on the MainStreet Stage.
Gig Duty and Mail Call will be held each and every day.
Tank and Ed waking you up.
Trips to the Park of Roses and Mt. Vernon
The grand performance in the Celeste Center with the Choir.
The Sale of Champions on the final Sunday of the Fair.
The PLaying of
The Stars and Stripes Forever at the end of every concert.

Interestingly, the Sale of Champions is the "newest" tradition at the end of the
Fair.  For many years it was held toward the end of the Fair, during a
weekday, in Cooper Arena.  The entire Band and Choir used to attend, we ate
lunch during the event and it was televised around the state.  The longest
tradition?  Yes, the playing of T
he Stars and Stripes Forever.

4 days until for the first notes of rehearsal
8 until the opening of the 2008 Ohio State Fai
Fast Fair Facts
July 22, 2008

Today we have a quick link to all of the info you need to know about the Fair
admission prices, special days, discounts, parking info and more.  Just click
below and you'll zoom off to the web page of the Ohio State Fair.

Fast Fair Facts

3 days until for the first notes of rehearsal
7 until the opening of the 2008 Ohio State Fai
The Band is Here and Ready to Play!
July 26, 2008

Band members reported to the Rhodes Center early this morning anxiously
awaiting to play the first notes of the 2008 All-Ohio State Fair Band.  All
members registered, had their ID pictures taken, picked up their uniforms and
got settled in thier bunks.  After lunch with their parents, band members were
seated, and the first notes were played.  Parents then attended a meeting with
Camp Manager Ed Gallagher and the camp staff while the band members
prepared for auditions.  It was a very busy and exciting day.  We are all glad
to be here and can't wait for the 2008 Ohio State Fair to begin on Wednesday.
The First Day of Rehearsal
July 27, 2008

Today was not only the first day of rehearsal, it was also the first day for reveille
and inspection.  Band members were awakened by Tank & Ed.  After breakfast,
everyone had to clean their bunk area for inspection.  They all did a wonderful job
cleaning.  Let's hope they keep it up throughout the duration of camp.  While the
band was very busy rehearsing, the camp staff worked on the band float for the
daily parade during the fair.  Mr. Santa-Emma was very pleased with the band
today.  They rehearsed twenty seven pieces of music.  Way to go AOSFB!
Monday on the Move
July 28, 2008

Yesterday was a very long day of rehearsing inside so today it was time to take the
band outside.  Band members lined up in their unit bands (red band and black band)  
to learn marching skills and formation.  Luckily the weather cooperated...no rain
and comfortable temperatures.  The band has been doing a wonderfull job.  They
are very attentive and accomplishing a lot.  Only two more days until opening
ceremonies of the faiir.  Tomorrow we are headed to the Statehouse for a tour and
concert.  Be sure to check back for all the highlights.
Statehouse Tour and Concert
July 29, 2008

This morning the band loaded four chartered buses and headed to the
Statehouse for a tour, concert and lunch.  The tour included a visit to the
Senate and House of Representatives Chambers, the Rotunda, the Map Room
and a look at the Governor's Office.  After the tour, the band performed a
stand up concert outside the Statehouse.  News Channel 4 WCMH here in
Columbus was filming the band as they played Beautiful Ohio and Queeen's
City March.  This was an exciting experience for all members of the band.  
They did a wonderful job performing in the very hot sun.  Before heading back
to the Rhodes Center,  a group photo was taken on the front steps of the
Statehouse, and boxed lunches were provided to all members of the band.  
This was a wonderful opportunity for all and definitely an experience to add to
the memory book.
Opening Ceremony of the 155th Ohio State Fair
July 29, 2008

Today we marched over to the Cardinal Gate for the opening ceremony of the
155th Ohio State Fair.  The fesitivities began with the band and choir
entertainining the crowd of excited fairgoers.  After the singing of the Star
Spangled Banner, fair manager, Virgil Strickland welcomed all to the Ohio
State Fair.  He commended Ohio's youth participating in the band and choir for
their dedication to the state of Ohio and the fair.  Governor Strickland spoke to
the crowd about the great opportunity for families to visit the fair in difficult
economic times.  His speech was followed by the cutting of the ribbon to
officially open the 2008 Ohio State Fair.  The unit bands entertained fairgoers
throughout the day.  We marched in our first daily parade, and ended the day
with our first full band concert on the Rhodes Center East Lawn.
Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
July 31, 2008

The Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame was created in 1976 for the purpose of
recognizing those individuals who have made outstanding contributions toward
making the Ohio State Fair one of our nation's outstanding premier
expositions.  Nine past and present members of the band and staff have been
inducted into the Hall of Fame.  This year we congratulate Charles R. Snyder,
Director of the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir for his induction into the Hall
of Fame.  He is much deserving of this award for his continued dedication to
the choir.  The luncheon which was held in the Rhodes Center auditorium was
attended by past and present Hall of Fame recipients along with their guests.  
They enjoyed their lunch while listening to the Gold band and choir perform a
short concert.  Congratulations to the 2008 Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame
Band and Choir Concert on the Rhodes Lawn
August 1, 2008

The band and choir held a joint concert this evening on the front lawn of the
Rhodes Center.  Each group performed a number of pieces for the large crowd
of fairgoers. This concert was a preview of the Celeste Center concert on
Sunday.  The groups came together and concluded the concert with
Mortal Tongues Awake
and America The Beautiful.   All who listened were
moved by this performance.  We can't wait for the big show on Sunday.
Alumni Day
August 2, 2008

Today we welcomed over 100 Alumni to the 155th Ohio State Fair.  The day
began with registration and catching up with old friends.  Mr. James "Tank"
Esswein our Alumni Director held a rehearsal in the Choir tent for all Alumni
participating in the Alumni Band.  They rehearsed several tunes including
Nathional Emblem, Them Basses, Buckeye Battle Cry, Across the Field,
Hang on Sloopy
and The Stars and Stripes Forever. During the rehearsal Ed
Gallagher, Executive Secretary and Treasurer welcomed all to Alumni Day and
the fair.  He also introduced Melissa Spangler our new Alumni President to the
microphone.  Melissa thanked all for attending Alumni Day and performing in
the band.  She announced the results of the Alumni Association Executive
Committee elections this year.  Congratulations to our newly elected
Vice-President LaRea Grause, and Committee members Sarah Pozderac, Van
Parker and Polly Neal.  A welcoming speech was given by our current band
directer Mr. Donald F. Santa-Emma.

The Alumni Band also performed in the daily parade and at the evening concert
with the 2008 AOSFB on the Rhodes fron lawn.  The Alumni Association
Scholarship winner was announced at the concert.   This year's winner is
Angela Purk.  Angela is a four year member of the clarinet section.  She is from
Oak Harbor and will be attending Purdue University in fall where she will major
in Chemical Engineering.  Angela will recieve her award at the parent's concert
on Saturday, August 9.  Be sure to check back for Angela's essay.

The day was enjoyed by all and we can't wait to see everyone again in 2009!
Celeste Center & Park of Roses
August 3, 2008

Today was a very busy day with our combined concert with the choir at the
Celeste Center in the afternoon and the concert at the Park of Roses in the
evening.  We recorded our CD at the afternoon concert in the Celeste Center.  
The combined concert was outstanding with many standing ovations.  Both the
band and the choir did a fantastic job.  Jeff Wyckoff, Master of Ceremonies
commended these fine youth representing Ohio and encouraged all to support
music in our schools.  At 6:20 we loaded four school buses and headed to the
Park of Roses.   The band entertained a large crowd of parents, alumni and
AOSFB fans.  This is always an enjoyable concert, and it was nice to take a
trip off of the fairgrounds.  It was a long day, but definiitely one to be proud of!
College Advantage Youth Center
August 4 2008

All of the youth organizations are housed in the College Advantage Youth
Center this year.  These organizations including Ohio 4-H, Boy Scouts, Camp
Fire, FFA, Girl Scouts, National Grange, Tech Ed, and OJHA hold their
individual competitions, and many offer exhibits to the general public in the
Youth Center.  This evening the band performed a stand up concert on the
Youth Center Stage.  They performed a number of tunes from their march
books, and the crowd showed their excitement during the
Buckeye Battle Cry
Across the Field.   Many of the organizations were thrilled that the band
performed in the building because it is difficult for them to leave and listen to the
band on the fairgrounds.  After leaving the College Advantage Youth Center,
the band did a ballyhoo through the Marketplace.  All in the building loved the
music, and the band office received a call thanking the band for their
outstanding performance. They even gave one fairgoer the goosebumps
according to the building superintendent.
Happy Birthday to George Schmidt
August 5, 2008

This morning was off to a rainy start cancelling our morning rehearsal.  Luckily
the rain stopped and we were able to march over to Schmidt's Sausage House
on the south side of the Fairgrounds near The Ohio Gate for the playing of
Happy Birthday to George Schmidt.  This has been a long tradition of the
band since George was a young boy.  He is celebrating his 88th birthday this
year.  Channel 6 news here in Columbus filmed George conducting
The Stars
& Stripes Forever
.  Mr. Santa-Emma presented George with a  copy of the
2008 All-Ohio State Fair group photo.  After the festivities, all band members
and staff enjoyed hot dogs and pop courtesy of Scmidt's Sausage House...the
oldest vendor at the Fair.
AOSFB AND AOSFYC Featured in the Columbus Dispatch
August 7, 2008

The Band and Choir were featured today in an article that highlights two fantastic organizations
and the talented young musicians. Click on the links below to view the article and a slide show that
is featured on www.dispatch.com:

Two Student Groups Keep Visitors Humming Along

All-Ohio State Fair Band and Youth CHoir Slide Show
Pizza Party and Coliseum Rehearsal
August 6, 2008

This evening hungry band members lined up on the Rhodes Center lawn for a
pizza party.  Thirty six pizzas, two hundred cans of pop and candy bars were
donated by Alumni and staff.  A good time was had by all!  After the pizza
party, the band lined up in marching formation and headed over to the
Coliseum for a 10:45 p.m. rehearsal.  This was a last minute addition to the
schedule.  It was late, but the band did an excellent job rehearsing for a
Coliseum perfromance at 5:45 p.m. tomorrow.   Band members returned back
to the Rhodes Center around 11:45 p.m.   All were tired and anxious to go to
sleep a little after midnight.
Coliseum Show
August 7, 2008

Today the band performed at the Coliseum for the first time since 2003.  This
was the first and only performance at the Fair this year.  The band opened for
the Governor's Cup Six Horse All-Breed Draft Horse Hitch Contest.  They
entertained the audience with
Olympic Fanfare, Queen City March, The
Stars & Stripes Forever and The Star Spangled Banner.  
The band did an
outstanding job, and the crowd enjoyed the music.  The Coliseum Show was a
tradition of the All-Ohio State Fair Band for decades before the last
performance in 2003.
It's a Wrap
August 11, 2008 @ 12:45am

The 2008 Ohio State Fair is officially history.  A couple of staff members are  
spending one last night in The Rhodes Center and then it is back home.

A late night walk of the grounds saw a whirl of activity as everyone was
cleaning-up and heading home or onto the next fair.  Tracey's on the corner
was being taken down, the large ferris wheel was being stripped, many rides
were almost folded-up on their truck-beds and several stands were pulling out
into the night.

It is hard to believe that the 80th edition of the Band and the 155th Ohio State
Fair has come to close.

Interestingly, while walking back from the Cardinal Gate, one could here music
coming from a food stand and you could here the lyrics wafting through the air .
. . "I hope you had the time of your life."

All of us hope that every member of the All-Ohio State Fair Band had the
times of their lives . . . . .