State Fair Band
News 2007
AOSFB Unveils New Uniform Shirt
May 24, 2007

The All-Ohio State Fair Band continues to make changes to the uniform.  This
will provide for a fresh look that maintains summer comfort and full
embroidered color

Things have changed from the early days All-Ohio Boys' State Fair Band.

Years ago they wore all white uniforms, complete with long pants and white
hats.  In the 70's and 80's there were ample supplies of polyester as the Band
wore blue jumpsuits, with white polo shirts and red neck scarves as a dress
uniform.  The daytime inform consisted of blue shorts with white stripes down
the sides, a white polo and red neck scraves.  Later in the 80's there were
navy blue shorts and red and white striped shirts with the State Seal/Band logo
screen printed on the left crest

The late 90's brought royal blue shorts and polo shirts with an embroidered
Great Seal of the State of Ohio/Band logo with screen-printed cascading blue
and red stars cascading from the right shoulder area

In 2006 the band introduced breathable navy blue mesh shorts with "All-Ohio
State Fair Band" printed on the left leg

The Band is pleased to introduce the 2007 uniform shirt with the Great Seal of
the State of Ohio/Band logo on the left crest with the Band's 3-Star logo
embroidered on the left sleeve. The cascading stars on the front of the shirt
have been retired. The navy blue mesh shorts that were introduced in 2006

The new shirt is pictured below with the Great Seal and 3-Star logos

Watch for a retrospective look at the various uniforms worn
by the All-Ohio organizations

Only 68 days until The Ohio State Fair opens!
Governor Ted Strickland Rules Out Sale of Alcohol
May 22, 2007    

Governor Ted Strickland announced today that he would not support
changing policies to allow widespread alcohol sales at The Ohio State Fair.  
He stated, "I made this decision with an eye toward protecting the tradition of
a family-friendly environment at the State Fair.  I am not convinced that any
proposals I've seen would meet the standards Ohioans have come to expect
of their State Fair."

Read more about the decision by Governor Strickland my following these
The Governor's page on
The Tribune Chronicle of Mahoning Valley
The Columbus Dispatch
WFMJ - TV 21 in Youngstown
Fox 45/ABC 22 in Dayton
WHIO - TV 7 in Dayton
79 Day Until the Opening of The Ohio State Fair!!
May 13, 2007

The countdown clock leading up to the Ohio State Fair is full-steam ahead.  
The first draft of the 2007 AOSFB schedule has been submitted, letters of
acceptance have gone out and new uniforms have been designed

The Band arrives on the Fairgrounds on July 28th. The overhaul of the Band
uniform continues.  Last year the shorts were changed to navy blue mesh
shorts - leaving behind the royal blue shorts that had been used for a number
of year. This year the band moves on from the whie polo with the cascading
stars. The white polo stays as the base for the uniform with the traditional state
seal/band logo on the left crest.  One more addition will be made to the shirt.  
The final design will be featured here within the next several weeks

The stars on stage, however, return.  Rascal Flatts comes back to central
Ohio for a third year as they perform in Crew Stadium on August 12th.  The
"2007 AEP Ohio Concert Series" also welcomes the AOSFB & AOSFYC,
Disney Channel favotie Corbin Bleau, flashback rockers Quiet Riot and
Slaughter, American Idol Daughtry and country legends Merle Haggard and
George Jones.  Of there are more great acts coming.  The complete list may
be found at

What else is new?  Check back here each week and you'll be on top of all
that is The All-Ohio State Fair Band and Ohio State Fair
State Fair Considering Alcohol Sales
May 21, 2007

The Columbus Dispatch, Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Neward Advocate
WKYC-TV 3 are reporting about the ongoing discussion of alcohol sales
at The Ohio State Fair. There have been numerous discussions in recent
months and years concerning sales of alcohol during the State Fair.  Sales are
currently permitted during numerous non-Fair events and concerts.

The Dispatch reported that Fair General Virgil Strickler was asked by the
Ohio Expositions Commission, the body that oversees tha Fairgrounds and
Expo Center, to prepare several proposals for their consideration.  The
proposals include: a beer and wine garden, sales of Ohio beer and wine in the
Ohio Food Pavilion, alcohol sales at concerts that are not youth oriented and
sales at various locations around the grounds.

Any proposal presented by the Fair Manager and The Commission must be
approved by Governor Ted Strickland.

Read more about the discussion around the potential sales by following these
The Columbus Dispatch
Plain Dealer/
The Newark Advocate
Numerous New Competitions At This Year's Ohio State Fair
June 1, 2007

Looking for a different way to be involved in the Ohio State Fair?  Look no
further than Family Arts & Crafts.  This is a place to show off you baking,
cooking and artistic side to the entire State of Ohio.  There are great new
competitions, many traditional standards and prizes for the winners who make
their mark

There are great, fun, new competitions and revised implementations as a part
of the Family Arts & Crafts portion of the Ohio State Fair

A revised point system is being introduced that will allow participants to earn
various prized with values up to nearly $200.00.  Additionally, several new
competitions will incorporate this year's theme, "Celebrate Our Youth.

New for 2007 are felting, decorated egg, cookie canister, and gingerbread
house competitions.  The Ugliest Decorated Cake competition will be judged
by a fomrer Cleveland Borwns player among other celebrities

The deadline for entry in June 20, 2007.  To download the Family Arts and
Crafts information click here and scroll down to Family Arts and Crafts.

Only 58 days until The Ohio State Fair opens!
Final Instructions are Coming Soon
June 29, 2007

Band Members can begin watching their mail boxes after the 4th of July as the
Final Instructions packet will be arriving shortly.

The packet contains information about check-in, what to pack, and  and
more.  The letters from AOSFB Director, Donald F. Santa-Emma will
highlight many important details about the upcoming experience.

33 Days until the opening of The Ohio State Fair
End of the Week Update
July 13, 2007

The Final Instructions have arrived in homes and we have received some
emails about ticket information.  A sheet for ordering tickets was not included,
by design, this year. Information concerning tickets, from The Ohio State Fair
web page is as follows:

Discounts on Admissions and Ride Wristbands.
Save on gate admission prices with $6 tickets available through August
12 at
Kroger, participating AAA locations and Ticketmaster outlets.  Purchase
ride-all-day wristband voucehrs (to be redeemed at the Fair for a
for only $17 at Kroger and Ticketmaster outlets through July 31 only.

More ticket and special offer information may be found on these pages of
The Ohio State Fair Web Page:
General Fair Information
Discounts and Promotions

Only 14 days until the 2007 Band arrives at The Rhodes Center and 18 days
until the opening of The Ohio State Fair.

Check back daily for updates, news and info.
Ed Gallagher to be Inducted into The Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame.
July 17, 2007

The All-Ohio State Fair and All-Ohio State Fair Band are pleased to
announce that Ed Gallagher, AOSFB Camp Manager, will be inducted in to
The Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame on August 2.

Mr. Gallagher was a member of the Band, playing French Horn, from
1984-1987. He joined the staff in 1988 as Equipment Manger, became Male
Counselor in 1993 and has been Camp Manager since 2000.  In addition, he
has served as Executive-Secratary Treasurer of the Alumni Association for
nearly 15 years.  Outside of various Band duties, he has been an exhibitor in
Family Arts & Crafts where he won several ribbons. Over the last 9 years he
has assisted the State Fair Marketing/Public Relations Department in
promoting The Ohio State Fair through many unique opportuntities.  He has
truly made his involvement both a job and year-round hobby.

He joins AOSFB Director Donald F. Danta-Emma, Assistant Camp Manager
JIm Esswein, former Directors Omar P. Blackman, Jack O. Evans, Louis E.
Pete, former Camp Manager Joyce L. Wendel, pas Assistant Directors David
Meeker, George Wilson and AOSFB Alumni Historian Weldon Carpenter in
The Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame.  Othe inductees of note include Dave
Thomas - founder of Wnedy's, Bob Evans, Sen George Voinovich, Gov. Jim
Rhodes, John Sullivan of the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir, Dave Logan a
longtime voice of Columbus radio and others.

Congratulations Ed!
First Lady Frances Strickland to Attend Celeste Center Concert
July 24, 2007

The office of the First Lady of Ohio, Frances Strickland, has announced that
The First Lady will be attending the All-Ohio State Fair Band and All-Ohio
State Fair Youth Choir Concert on August 5th.

It is truly an honor that Mrs. Strickland willl take part in the concert which is a
true Celebration of our Youth.  In addition to being an audience member,
Mrs. Strickland will take the baton and lead both the Band and Choir in
various musical selections

Don't miss this concert that has become an annual State Fair tradition -  a
gtreat concert, with great music and outstanding musicians sharing their talent
with The State of Ohio

Please visit the web site of Frances Strickland, First Lady of Ohio.
Ready to Go!
July 21, 2007

Today was a day to get the Rhodes Center ready to go for the incoming
Band. It was a day to set-up the band office, clean the dorms, tag the bunks,
take care of paperwork, meet with State Fair administrative staff, and put the
final touches on preparation.

It was great to meet up with the Choir Staff and Alums who were in the
building preparing their space.  The shared lunch was appreciated and a good
way to kick of 2007.

Thanks go out to Willie Boas, Ed Gallagher, Lisa Gallagher, Megan Gallagher,
Jennifer Radwan McDowell, Nick Quallich, Don Santa-Emma and Melissa
Spangler for donating their time to travel to Columbus and prepare Band's
dorms and office.
Did you know?
July 21, 2007

Over the last couple of years The Ohio State Fair and Expo Center has been
replacing mattresses in the Rhodes Center.  Gone are tmost of the older green
mattresses that were a mainstay on the bunks.  The Band received the
majority of the overhaul in 2006 with the Choir getting the make-over in
2007.  The process is scheduled to continue for the next several years until all
mattresses in the Band, Choir, Junior Fair Board, other others of the building
are replaced.

Many thanks to the Choir staff and Alums who took out some of the oldest
mattresses from The Band dorms and replaced them with the best mattresses
from their side of the building.  Theuir thoughtfulness is appreciated now and
will be later from the Band members who are on the receiving end of the
It's The Final Countdown
July 27, 2007

It is a dreary, gray and wet morning here at The Ohio State Fair.  The dorms
are quiet but the Fairgrounds were alive at 6:45am with folks setting up rides,
concession stands and and even a llama show was taking place across the
street from The Rhodes Center in the Brown Sheep Building. It is all coming
together for the 154the Ohio State Fair.  

Yesterday saw the arrival of the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir.  The 200
member ensemble began arriving shortly after 5pm and had their first rehearsal
in The West Auditorium last night.

Our uniforms were delivered in early afternoon by the great folks at The
Idenitity Group.

Once again our good friend and Band alumn, Robert W. Gardner, DDS of
Columbus has donated toothbrushes and tooth paste for every member of the
Band. They will each get their gift back at registration.

Today will be full of preparation - putting parent packets together, getting
band vehicles, setting-up the auditorium and more.

To Band members - get ready for a great time filled with music, friends,
learning and fun at The Ohio State Fair.  Be sure to visit the Members page to
be sure you have everything you need.

To Parents - the staff looks forward to working with your young musician.  
Thanks for allowing them this great opportunity.

ONE DAY remains until the AOSFB arrives.

We look forward to seeing and hearing the next edition of the All-Ohio State
FAir Band!
The Band is Here!!!
July 28 2007

It all began at 9am when the doors to the Rhodes Center West Auditorium were opened and the
first members of the Band were welcomed.  By 11:30 all of the members of the 2007 All-Ohio
State Fair Band had checked-in, had their photo ID taken, received their new uniforms and moved
into the dorms

After a welcoming lunch of traditional Fair food - burgers and dogs - the Band returned to the
West Auditorium to begin rehearsal.  Mr. Donald F. Santa-Emma, now in his 9th year as
Directors, started it all at exactly 1pm.  The Band was seated by sections, staffed introduced, the
Band was ready to play.  The first songs -
Beautiful Ohio and God Bless Amercia kicked off what
promises to be a wonderful year at The Ohio State Fair

Saturday night was spent in rehearsal as the Band began working through an extensive list of
musical selections

As usual, the day ended with the playing of Taps.

That is all for now from the Home of The All-Ohio State Fair Band at the end of the first day.
Marching Monday
July 30, 2007

The morning began with the unit bands falling into formation for their first attempt
to march around the fairgrounds.  It was a nice change to get outside and move
around after two long days of rehearsal in the auditorium.  Band members came
back to the barracks with a special treat on their bunks.  Every band member
received a toothbrush and toothpaste compliments of band alum Robert Gardner,
D.D.S. Thank you Dr. Gardner for helping us practice proper dental hygiene.  
AOSFB Picture Day
July 31, 2007

Today the band members smiled pretty for their group picture.  The sun was
shining brightly and the heat held off until later in the day.   After pictures, Marty
Foltz spoke to the band about the laundry service on the fairgrounds.  Marty is a
friend of the band and former choir Mom who kindly offers her time to do the
band and choir's laundry.  It is amazing how fast she gets all the laundry done for
over 400 band and choir members.  We greatly appreciate Marty's efforts in
providing the band members with clean laundry.
Opening Day of the 2007 Ohio State Fair
August 1, 2007

Today marked the opening of the 2007 Ohio State Fair.  The Band marched
around the fairgrounds during a morning media tour, and ended at Central Park for
a performance with the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir just prior to Opening

Fair Manager Virgil Stickler and Governor Ted Strickland were on hand to help cut
the ribbon for opening day, and our very own AOSFB American flag bearer, Jill
Germana, was front and center on stage during the National Anthem.

The very first daily parade took place at 4pm, and the first concert on the Rhodes
east lawn highlighted the Band's hard work during rehearsal week.
Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame
August 2, 2007

This morning, Camp Manager Ed Gallager was inducted into the 2007 Ohio State
Fair Hall of Fame.  He has been a staff member for 20 years and was in the band
for four years.  At the Induction Ceremony - attended by Gov. Ted Strickland, he
thanked Omar P. Blackman for inviting him to take part in the Band and his parents
for encouraging him to be involved.The AOSFB Gold Band played the morning
concert with the AOSFYC Cardinal Chorale for the luncheon, which hosted past
recipients of the Hall of Fame honor including AOSFB Director, Donald F.
Santa-Emma, Assistant Camp Manager James Esswein, AOSFB Historian Weldon
Carpenter, and past Camp Manager Dr. Joyce L. Wendel.   

The Band was also happy to hear the announcement that for the first time in six
years since this challenge was initiated, they won an ice cream treat party because
they represented the Band so well at Opening Day and were all in proper full
uniform throughout the day.  Congrats Band on this great accomplishment!
Photo finish...
August 3, 2007

Friend and long time photographer of the Band, Barry Conrad, met Band members
this morning for the annual individual and small group pictures out on the front
lawn by the ritual spruce tree.

Today the Red and Black bands will delight fairgoers on the grounds through a
few concerts and marching performances, including the daily parade and a joint
full band concert on the Rhodes lawn tonight with the All-Ohio State Fair Youth
Choir.  Tonight's concert will be a warm up for the two groups' main Celeste
Center show this Sunday at 1pm.  Sunday's concert will also be recorded for the
Band's CD.
Alumni Day
August 4, 2007

After nearly 40 years, the AOSFB Alumni Day was moved from a Sunday to
a Saturday.  The change was successsful  as over 100 individuals registered
during the late morning check-in.  Nearly 50 performers took part in the
AOSFB Alumni Band.  Here are some highlights:
The Alumni Band, under the direction of Jim "TANK" Esswein rehearsed for
nearly 1 hour under the shade of the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir
Donald Santa-Emma welcomed the Alumni Band and he was pleased to
the AOSFYC Director, Charles Snyder at the end of rehearsal.
The Alumni Band performed at The Cardinal Gate, The Java Stop, inside The
 Bricker Building, in the Daily Parade, and during the Band's concert on The
 Rhodes Center Lawn.
Alumni Band supporters The Java Stop donated cookies and Gatorade for the
 performing Alumni Band, and Corky Wydra provided discounted coupons
 his stand in the Bricker Building so Alumni and their families could enjoy lunch
 in the air conditioning to cool off.
Band members from as far back as the 1930's, and family members of a
 member from the 1920's attended.
It was announced that the AOSFB Alumni Association, working with The
 Identity Group, are designing a web site on which Alums and Band members
 may purchase various AOSFB clothing, accessories, briefcases and more.
 Watch the home page for more info in the coming weeks.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 9, 2008 for next year's Alumni Day.

Plans for next year??  We'll be taking an official AOSFB Alumni photo,
looking for some new places to play and . . . . .you tell us what you would like
- we'll see what we can do.
Great Reviews for the AOSFB & AOSFYC
August 5, 2007

For 10 years the Band and Choir have been headliner's for the Ohio State
Fair  Concert Series in The Celeste Center.  This year's concert yet another
success with over 2,000 people in attendance as well as some very special

The performance opened with the Band and Choir moving into their positions
while Louis Armstrong's
What a Wonderful World and Club Nouveau's
Lean on Me provided a soundtrack to the slide show on the large screens.  
The audience was welcomed by Master of Ceremonies, Cabot Rea, from
WCMH NBC-4 in Columbus.

The show began with the combined ensembles playing and singing The Star
Spangled Banner.  After that selection, the groups moved on playing
numerous pieces that showcased the talents and skills of the many members.
You may request a copy of the Celeste Center program as a .pdf file by

The Band and Choir were honored to have The First Lady of Ohio, Frances
Strickland in attendance. She came prepared to do more than be a member of
audeince - she came to direct the ensembles as well.  After saying a few
words to the audience, she went to the podium and led the AOSFYC in
Norman Leyden's arrangement of
Consider Yourself.  Later in the program
she returned to the podium to lead the AOSFB in DIck Heine's arrangement
When Your Smiling.

Later in the concert, before the big finale, The President of the Ohio Music
Education Association, Mark Hensler, came to the podium.  He arrived at the
State Fair with a delegation of officials from OMEA to present a proclamation
to the Band and Choir for their years of service and dedication to the musical
and social growth of young Ohionas.  Copies of the proclamation were given
to the Band and Choir and will be hung in The Rhodes Center during the State
View the OMEA Proclamation by clicking here.

The show concluded with the combined ensembles playing and singing Battle
Cry of Freedom
and Carmen Dragon's America, The Beautiful.

The Band's performance in the Daily Parade was cancelled due to possible
inclement weather.

The second big performance of the day was at the Whetsone Park of Roses.  
The Band has performed in the North Columbus Sunday Concert series for
numerous year.
Ice Cream Monday
August 6, 2007

The weather outside has been hot and humid, but the Band has been giving their
best performances and have been drinking plenty of water.  They were looking
forward to redeeming the Camp Staff's promise to throw an ice cream party since
all the members were so professional and in full uniform all day on opening day.

So during the fireworks, the Band and their invited counterparts in the AOSFYC
enjoyed ice cream and toppings, chocolate kisses, and cupcakes with icing.  
Special thanks to the support and assistance of Krogers, the Dairy Barn, the
Holstein Futurity, anonymous donors, and the AOSFB staff for making this grand
event possible for these fine four hundred talented musicians.  (Where else could
you see a line up of twelve three gallon tubs of ice cream, 400 cupcakes, and a
huge 5 gallon bucket of icing?)

Congratulations again to all the Band members for rising up to the challenge and
succeeding (for the first time in 6 years) in representing the AOSFB in proper
uniform on Opening Day.
Happy Birthday, George Schmidt!
August 7, 2007

For 75 years the All-Ohio State Fair Band has been visiting the Schmidts' Sausage
Haus on the fairgrounds to wish George Schmidt a Happy Birthday.  This 76th
year was no different, as the 2007 Band split into Red and Black bands to ballyhoo
around the fairgrounds and met at Schmidts.  They played a few tunes and sang
Happy 86th Birthday to George, ending with George guest conducting the Stars
and Stripes Forever.  Thank you to Schmidts for continuing the tradition of
feeding the Band hot dogs and a beverage during their break before heading back
to the Rhodes Center.

This afternoon has been another hot day, and the parade was cancelled so the
students could take a break from the heat and relax before the evening concert.
Other News from The Ohio State Fair
August 7, 2007

Follow these links to various stories about the State Fair:

Blog of Columbus Dispatch writer Matt Tullis

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Electronic Postcards of The Fair from The Columbus Dispatch

About The Fair from The Herald-Dispatch of West Virginia

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Luiz Perez - Assistant Fair Manager from The Columbus Dispatch
Pizza Party
August 8, 2007

Today the parade was cancelled once again because of the heat index, so the
students were able to take a break from the heat and humidity.

During dinner, the band and choir students once again enjoyed double scoops of
vanilla and chocolate ice cream leftover from the Ice Cream party.

Then, an annual pizza party took place just before the fireworks.  Pizza was
provided by clarinet alum Rob Gardner, DDS and served by Band directors and
camp staff.  The Girls Scouts donated a variety of beloved Girl Scout Cookies and
entertained the students by testing their hand-eye coordination skills with the timed
cup stacking game.  Soda and candy was also provided by band counselors and
alums Melissa Spangler and Jennifer McDowell.  Thanks to the Band supporters
for all their donations to make this party possible!
Did We Mention That it is HOT!!!!
August 9, 2007

Well, the weather again today was HOT & HUMID.  Heading into the weekend the
State Fair has experienced 8 days of temps over 90 degrees.  One more day,
Sunday, is looking for a high of 91.  Here is what we know . . . .

In 2002 the Fair had 4 straight days and a total 6 days of temps over 90 degrees.
The same thing happened in 2005 - 4 straight days of 90 and 6 in total.
This will may be the hottest stretch of Fair days since it became a 12 day event
several years ago. In 1988 -  a 17 day Fair, there were 16 days of temps in the
90's.  WOW!

The day began with a State Fair tradition that was missing in 2006 - The Omelet
Breakfast.  This wonderful event is sponsored by The Ohio Poultry Association
and featured the cooking talents of the State Fair Band and Youth Choir staff.  
How can you top fresh omlets to kick off your day at The Fair??

The night finished with some treats donated to The Band from the great folks at
the DiSalle Center, the home of Family Arts and Crafts Competition.
Fair Day 10 Brings Cooler Temps and Hot Music
August 10, 2007

What a great day at The Ohio State Fair.  A busy day with lots going on finally
ended with taps at 11:30pm - s little later than usual.

The morining started with The Black band heading to the Ohio Agriculture Hall of
Fame where four inductees - including State Fair Commissioner Tom Price, were

The Band then moved over to The DiSalle Center for a few tunes.  The Band was
joined by Janet Peoples, the head of Family Arts & Crafts for a special award
ceremony. The Band and Alumni Association again donated a special audio unit as
a prize for a Family Arts and Crafts and Mr. Santa-Emma drew the name of a
winner who will be thrilled to receive the award.  The Band went on to perform
several selections for the audience.

The afternoon brought the entire Band together for a rare Cardinal Gate concert.  
The reason?  Senator George Voinovich, his wife Janet and members of his family
wanted to hear the Band and make a visit.  Sen. Voinovich addressed the band,
mentioning his days of playing French Horn and thanking them for their efforts.  
He wrapped-up the concert by directing
Stars and Stripes Forever.  It was great to
see the Senator, who has been a good friend of the Band for many years.  Did you
know he even spent a night with the Band, sleeping in bunk in 1988?

After quick trips to the The Main Street Stage and ODNR, the Band loaded 4 tour
busses and headed to Mt. Vernon for the Dan Emmett Music and Arts Festival.  
While there, the Band downed 80 pizzas from Donatos and Papa John in Mt.
Vernon, they marched a parade through the middle of the event and capped the
night with a great performance on the square in front of a large audience.

The last night for the Band ended with the traditional playing of taps.
Band Members in Print
August 11, 2007

The New Philadelphia Times-Reporter featured the Band members of that
area in a piece that may be viewed by
clicking here.

The Mount Vernon News reviewed the festival in Mount Vernon and
covered the AOSFB.  
Click here and scroll to the middle of the page.
The Grand Finale
August 11, 2007

The final day for the full Band is always an emotional day for the members
and  the staff. What started 14 days ago at registration, with the unknown,
fears and anxiety for many, has become something different.  Now it is tears,
wanting to "stay forever" and friends that will last a lifetime.  This is  testimony
to the Band and Ohio State Fair and to the many outstanding experiences and
memories created during this time.

The day was full of many final concerts with Full Band in Central Park, a final
ballyhoo and Main Street performance, and then for the only time in 2007 -
the entire ensemble played in ODNR.  The last parade featured something
very unique - temps only in the mid-80's!!!

The Parents' Concert in The Rhodes Center brought us full circle from the first
day of camp.  Now the West Auditorium was filled with AOSFB vets of
approximately 75 concerts and parents who missed their kids during their time
away.  It was a great concert featuring the best of the Band in 2007.

The concert welcomed Alan Abel - a 1940s Alum of the All-Ohio Boys'
Band, a percussionist, performer, composer of the AOSFB cadence,  and
hoak master.  he was in Ohio to promote his daughters movie about him
Abel Raised A Cain.
He performed with the Band on Stars and Stripes Forever.

Frances Wilson, a five-year vet of the Flute/Piccolo section, received the
Directors' Award.  This award goes to a member of the Band who exhibits
everything that would be desired in a top notch and first rate member of the
View information about Frances and the award by clicking here.

Congratulations go to Robert Roth, who was named as the winner of the
All-Ohio State Fair Band Alumni Scholarship Award.  In addition to the
certificate, Robert received a check for $200. The essay and information
about the scholarship may be
viewed here.

The Band staff members were presented with fabulous gifts from the Band.  
Wonderful embroidered blankets (that can be folded into pillows), were
created by Cassandra Brooks' mother.  They will keep all of the staff warm
when the cooler weather hits Ohio.  Mr. Santa-Emma also received a 2007
Ohio State Fair poster that was signed by the vets that will not be returning in
2008.  Finally, funds were donated to purchase a new megaphone for the

It all came to a close with the playing of our National March, John Philip
The Stars and Stripes Forever.
Great Memories
August 11, 2007

Are you interested in having some great memories from 2007?

If so, contact us at for information about a 2007 AOSFB DVD
with the Youth Choir, the Band's CD or even a 2007 Band photo.

email for more details
Sale of Champions
August 12, 2007

Thanks to the many members of the Band who hung on for one more final
performance on Sunday, August 12.  The Sale of Champions was a huge success
raising funds for the young individuals who raised the animals and for State Fair

Special guests at the event were Gov. Ted Strickland and returning OSU President
Gordon Gee.

The final Band membersleft around 9pm when the last staff members locked-up
and headed out of Gate 10.

It was a great year!
Special Note to the Band & Parents
August 12, 2007

Follow this link to a special note from the staff to members of the 2007 Band
and their parents.
Looking Back
August 14, 2007

We all know it was a hot Ohio State Fair.  Attendance, as a result, lagged a
bit behind 2006.  According to The Ohio State Fair, 806,301 people
attended the Fair.  This reflected a decrease in attendance of only 1% from

Fair spokesperson Christina Minier stated "Overall, those numbers are not
bad when when you consider what we were given temperaturewise."  This
was the hottest Fair since 1995 whent there were 10 days in the 90s.  The
Fair was a 17-day event at that time.
Looking Ahead
August 14, 2007

The 2008 Ohio State Fair will be held July 30 - August 10.

Mark your calendars to come to the Fair and see it from a new perspective!
More Great News
August 22, 2007

The Band was once again visited by Jill Goesche of the Advertiser-Tribune
which serves the Tiffin area.  It was an honor for Band members to spend
some time with Ms. Goesche as she looked into Band experience in order to
share the story of Band members with the community.  A round of applause to
Ms. Goesche, photographer Jim Shobe and the
Advertiser-Tribune staff for
dedicating space as they shared the good work of the 2007 AOSFB.

Ms. Goesche also penned an article about the AOSFYC.

The headings were flip-flopped on their web page, so don't be confused when
you follow the links below . .

AOSFB in the
AOSFYC in the
State Fair Photos
September 5, 2007

Here is your chance to revisit everything from the 2007 Ohio State Fair.  State
Fair photographer Terry Jordan has a web site you must see -with every
event, every winner and everything that makes the Ohio State Fair a great
celebration of Ohio.

click here to visit Terry Jordan Photography to view the photos.  You
may purchase any of the hundreds of shots in various sizes or directly burned
on to a CD.