State Fair Band
News 2005
A Grand Opening

Yesterday was the final day of rehearsal for the AOSFB.  Early in the
morning, the Band headed across the fairgrounds to the Ohio Department
of Natural Resources (ODNR) for the annual 'family' photo in the park.  
Many students have already pre-ordered the group picture for $8.  
Orders may still be placed in the General Store.  Once the photos arrive,
some extras will also be available for purchase while supplies last.

The students have done a remarkable job during practice these past four
days, and finished rehearsing early for some extra relaxation time before
the grand opening.

This morning marked the first performances of the 2005 All-Ohio State
Fair Band and All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir at the Opening
Ceremonies of the 2005 Ohio State Fair.  400 of Ohio's finest young
musicians gathered in Central Park to entertain fairgoers and fair
commissioners while presentations were made by State Fair General
Manager Virgil Strickler and Governor Bob Taft.

Black Band had the first 'Ballyhoo' around the fairgrounds early this
afternoon and marched around and even 'through' some of the buildings on
the grounds.. Later will mark the first daily parade as a full band, and an
evening concert on the Rhodes Lawn.  What a grand opening day for the
2005 Fair!
Red, Black, and Gold

Along with the two main unit bands, Red and Black, a select group of
students form the Gold Band, a smaller unit of the All-Ohio State Fair
Band.  This band performed today at the annual Hall of Fame Luncheon in
the Rhodes Center Auditorium during the second day of the Ohio State

Tomorrow, the students will have the opportunity to have their individual
photo taken.  The photo shoot begins bright and early at 8:30am for
pre-ordered pictures, and will showcase the students looking great in
uniform with their instruments.

Those students that have not yet ordered pictures may still pay $6 and
have their photo taken.  This is the only opportunity for a professional
Raindrops are Falling...

Picture day was postponed this morning as rain blanketed the fairgrounds
this morning.  Both unit band performances were cancelled because of the
thunder and lightening, so the students have free time until they standby for
the afternoon performances.

Band members will be able to still pre-purchase their individual or small
group photo and will be notified when pictures are rescheduled.

Senator George Voinovich is expected to visit the AOSFB at the full band
performance this evening, and may even continue his tradition of
conducting the Band in the Stars and Stripes Forever!
Having Fun at the Fair

The band was very busy this past weekend performing for many different
audiences.  On Friday, Senator George Voinovich attended the combined
band and choir concert on the Rhodes front lawn.  He conducted The
Stars and Stripes Forever.  Senator Voinovich is a long time friend of the

Alumni Day was yesterday.  Many alums performed in the Alumni Band
and marched in the daily parade.  The alumni band is directed by Mr. Jim
"Tank" Esswein

Band members were very busy yesterday with two outstanding  
performances. The band recording was made at the Celeste Center show
with the choir.  They ended the day with an evening concert at Whetstone
Park of Roses.  Both performances were attended by many parents,
alumni and friends of the band.
Happy Birthday George Schmidt

It may be early in the morning, but the AOSFB is up and ready to carry
on a
74 year tradition.  Happy Birthday to George Schmidt.  The Band leaves
the Rhodes Center at 9:30 for a Ballyhoo through the grounds.  They will
be stopping to visit our friends in the maintenance department and arriving
at Schmidt's by 10 AM

The Band will be treated to hot dogs and pop before heading to their 11
AM concert in Central Park.
Ohio College Information Day

The AOSFB Alumni Association will sponsor its second annual Ohio
College Information Day.  Students will be invited to gather information
about the music programs available at the following Ohio colleges and

Ashland University
Baldwin-Wallace College
Bluffton College
Bowling Green State University
College of Wooster
Heidelberg College
Mount Union College
Muskingum College
Ohio Northern University
Ohio University
Ohio Wesleyan
The University of Findlay
University of Akron
University of Cincinnati
University of Dayton

The Alumni Association board also thanks alumni
Dr. Joyce Wendel,
Kathy (Fast) Rowland
, and alumni and camp staff: Ed and Lisa
, Melissa Spangler and Jennifer Radwan for contacting the
schools and recruiting information for the students.
Omelet Day

Today was a very busy day for the AOSFB.  This morning featured the
annual omelet breakfast for the 400 students in the Band and Choir,
sponsored by the
Ohio Poultry Association.  The omelets were made to
order by special guest cooks including several staff from the Band and
Choir.  Seen in the cooks' aprons included AOSFB Director,
Assistant Director, Norm Maneri, Counselors Lisa
and Jennifer Radwan, and Equipment Manager Kevin

The day also featured special guest conductor: music composer and
former AOSFB assistant director,
Edmund J. Siennicki.  The Band
performed Mr. Siennicki's own composition, Brazilian Holiday, under his
baton during the evening concert.

The Band received a special treat during an evening sub sandwich party
sponsored by AOSFB alumni and the Alumni Association.  Subs were
provided by alumnus
Rob Gardner.  Special thanks to alumnus Evan
and Jimmy John's in Columbus for also helping make this event
possible.  A variety of beverages and dessert were provided by alumnae
and Alumni Association executive committee members
and Jennifer Radwan.

Tomorrow the Band will leave after the daily parade at 5pm to perform in
Mount Vernon.  After eating dinner upon arrival, the Band will perform in
a parade around the festival and have an evening concert in the square at
AOSFB on Tour

During the State Fair the Band plays nearly 75 concerts and there is plenty
of marching.  Luckily, the band did not march to tonights show in
downtown Mount Vernon for an appearance at The Dan Emmett Music
and Arts Festival.

The show marked the first time that the Band played under the stars during
a late evening concert.  The show, strating at 8pm, concluded well after
9pm under the glow of stage and street lights.  Mount Vernon newspapers
reported 3,000 people attended the show and Pat Crow, festival director,
confirmed that it was the largest audience for a performance in the
festival's history.

In addition to the sit down concert, the Band members took part in a
parade through the grounds and were treated to 75 pizzas for dinner.
Many thanks to Colonial Music, a festival sponsor, for making this trip a
reality for the Band.
A Fond Farewell

The last day for the Band is always one filled with mixed emotions.  It
begins in the morning as Tank and Ed perform their last morning show of
the year and it moves through the day as the Band perfoms "last" concerts
in Central Park, the Main Street Stage and the parade.  The kids and staff
are eager to return home, but yearn for "just one more day" at The Fair.  
New friendships are forged and members wish that the new friends lived a
little closer.

The Parents' Concert is the culmination of hard work, dedication and
sheer energy as the finals notes of
The Stars and Stripes Forever lift the
roof off of the Rhodes Center.

Many tears are shed as Band members depart The Rhodes Center after
an exciting year at The 152nd Ohio State Fair.  Watch this space
throughout the coming days as several wrap-up pieces will be posted.

Band members and Parents -
please click here for a special message from
the staff.
The Sale of Champions

An outstanding group of dedicated Band members stayed one extra day
to represent the 2005 AOSFB.  The Sale of Champions, a longstanding
tradition at The Fair, celebrates the talents of Ohio's young as they raise
first class animals.
The remaining Band members took it easy throughout the morning,
savoring "one last day" at The Fair.  They lined-up at 1:15, struck up the
cadence and marched to their performance.  Their rendition of   
Your Smiling
kicked off the show and sounded great.

By 4:30 they were heading home.  They deserve a round of applauce for
giving one more day.  However, it is believed that they enjoyed that extra
time and enjoyed every minute of it!
Looking Back and Forward

The Ohio State Fair announced that over 802,000 people attended the
2005 Ohio State Fair.  This years 12 day event was attended by less
fairgoers than 2004.  However, Fair Manager Virgil Strickler stated that
he was pleased considering the number of days temperatures topped 90
degrees.  Strickler also said that many fairgoers took advantage of the air
conditioned buildings.

The Ohio State Fair has announced that the 153rd Ohio State Fair will
take place from August 2-13, 2006.
July 10, 2005

The Ohio State Fair, through special arrangements with Event Marketing Strategies, has
announced that Ohio Proud is the official sponsor of the 2005 All-Ohio State Fair Band.

Ohio Proud is the signature marketing program of the Ohio  Department of Agriculture's Division
of Markets. The program was established in 1993 to identify and promote food and agricultural
products at least 50 percent grown, raised or processed in Ohio.

Please learn more about Ohio Proud click on the following link:

The All-Ohio State Fair Band is pleased to be associated with Ohio Proud.  Agriculture is
Ohio's #1 industry and the All-Ohio State Fair Band is proud to spread the word while sharing
the musical talents of Ohio's finest school musicians.
July 15 2005

Don't forget to get you pre-Fair tickets and ride wrist bands for 2005 The Ohio State Fair.

click here to visit the Ohio State Fair web-site for all of the discount and promotions
Strike Up The Band

The bunks have been tagged, the office has been set-up and the music has been sorted.
Everything is in order for the 200 members of the 2005 All-Ohio State Fair Band to arrive in

The Fairgrounds are alive with preparations. Tents have been set-up across the grounds for
various stands and exhibts.  The choir is set-to welcome their 200 members and beginn rehearsal
on Friday.  The skyride has been reinstalled and is ready to welcome fairgoers.  Rides have been
arriving and are being put in place to offer midway thrills.

If you are a member of the 2005 Band keep packing, don't forget anything, practice a little bit and
come ready to have a musical experience of a lifetime. For Alumni, play a few notes before
another great Alumni Band performance.

We'll see you at the 2005 Ohio State Fair!
Welcome Aboard!

Members of the
2005 All-Ohio State Fair Band arrived bright and early at the Rhodes Center
yesterday ready for another great year at the Fair.

Registration brought the familiar sights of veterans saying hello to old friends, rookie players
finding out how to interpret their bunk numbers in the barracks, assigning folding chairs, receiving
uniforms, purchasing AOSFB merchandise at the General Store, and the first meal in the Rhodes
Center Cafeteria!.

Special thanks to
band alumnus Rob Gardner, DDS in Columbus for donating toothbrushes to
all band members, and
Royalton Music in North Royalton for donating pencils in the
registration packets.  Thank you also to
band alumnae Andrea Haslage and Natalie Haslage
for assisting the staff during registration and helping new members and their families learn their
way around the Rhodes Center and the Columbus area!

After the first notes of the 2005 Band together playing Beautiful Ohio, sections split for the
annual auditions. Some were nervous, some were excited, but all were anxious as placement was
determined and seating was assigned after dinner.

The Band had a great evening of rehearsal, and got plenty of rest to begin Rehearsal Day #2!
Ohio Proud!

The 2005 AOSFB is proud to be sponsored by
Ohio Proud: Grown, Raised and Processed in
Ohio.  The students will be receiving an Ohio Proud uniform shirt today, and Ohio Proud visors
tomorrow before the AOSFB photo is taken.

Yesterday introduced the first inspection early in the morning, and a lunch with the first taste of
fair food--special Candee Fluff Cotton Candy!  Another successful day of rehearsal helped
strengthen embouchures and improve performances on music selections.

This morning the Band is coming together for their first marching rehearsals in the respective
Unit Bands, Red and Black.  The Unit Bands will work together during the fair to spread the
music further around the fairgrounds in separate performances.  They will then come together in
Full Band for the daily parades and evening concerts.

This afternoon there will be sectional rehearsals, and then more full band rehearsal to continue
preparations for Opening Ceremonies of the State Fair on Wednesday!