State Fair Band
Inauguration of Gov. Ted Strickland & Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher
It was an honor for the All-Ohio State Fair Band to be invitied to
participate in the Inaugural Ceremonies of Governor Ted Strickland,
Ohio's 68th Governor and his Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher.

The 100 members of the Band took part in a brief and productive
rehearsal where they revisited AOSFB march standards.  The Rhodes
Center was unavailable for rehearsal as the space was being used for
an Inaugural Ball - so the band met in the DiSalle Center.

The Official Swearing-In Ceremony was rain soaked with many of the
attendees ankle deep in mud on the Ohio Statehouse Lawn.  The Band
was positioned on the steps with the woodwinds taking shelter between
the large granite pillars of the building.

This event was much different than the last Taft Inauguration that was
forced inside due to inclement weather and permitted only 45 band
members to participate.  The Band has also participated in the
ceremonies of George Voinovich and Richard Celeste.  Both of those
events were held outside on typical January days in Ohio - very, very
cold and snowy.

Many thanks to Mr. Santa-Emma for  all of his efforts in coordinating the
event with State Fair and Inauguration personnel. A round of applause
goes to Jim "TANK" Esswein for getting all of the music, raincoats, and
space ready for the event.  Also, we appreciate staff members Luiz
Coehlo, Ed Gallagher, Lisa Gallagher, Norm Maneri, NIck Quallich,
Jennifer Radwan, and Melissa Spangler for volunteering their time along
with Band Alum and supporter Dr. Robert Gardner for assisting
throughout the day.

A tip of the hat goes to The Ohio State University Marching Band for
lending the raincoats.  They assisted in providing a uniformed look and
were so helpful in the rain.

Enjoy the pictures and start counting the days until the 2007 State Fair!
AOSFB at the Inauguration of Governor Ted
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